DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


I agree with this but also, on the flipside, there’s a bit of a tendency for people here to view people posting their opinions as people posting “objective facts”

Not every post needs to be caveated with “this is just my opinion” but I sometimes feel like it would help if people read with that assumption more.


I like to think we could cultivate a discussion of what a film is, make our discussion a play of ideas, a group contemplation of all the takes at once.


lots of people say the things they say in a facty-kinda way, though.

more self-deprecation would be nice.


3,000 posts, you mad bastards


As I get older and probably because I’ve watched more films in the last five years than in the previous twenty, I’ve come to realise I’m very visually orientated in what I appreciate. So I tend to find a lot of value and enjoyment in blockbusters that routinely get slagged off on here. It can be pretty offputting at times.


could abbreviate it to ‘imo’


Yeah, maybe.

I think I’d like a badge or tagline or whatever next to my posts that just says: “I am just some idiot on the internet and all of my posts should be viewed as such”


Only just read this. Good work @Juke (didn’t even see that it was happening until this thread got to 2.5k, oops)

I’ve hardly seen any films judging by this but the 2 I’ve seen that I can’t stand are Almost Famous and Eternal Sunshine. Both films that seemed like I’d enjoy them from what I’d heard about them, but no, not at all.

I’d love to write a film one day but it’s too intimidating.


yeah. i don’t even mind the dickwaving that much tbh if its from someone whos opinions i find interesting. just get a bit bored when i feel like a hegemony of taste has formed


Yeah, that’s fair for sure.


try not to worry so much about what other people think of things you enjoy guys x


only just realised i posted two different replies to the same post.
reply notification came in late and proper confused me


how on earth has there been so much discussion about Paterson, a film that doesn’t exist>


No, I’m afraid Paterson does exist. Small-scale independent films by beloved arthouse directors tend to stick around.


Sure, but would also be nice if others could talk down what people enjoy a bit less.


People dont stop talking about My Son My Son What Have Ye Done!


Fuck! That film fully doesn’t exist does it, I’ve tied myself in knots here!


I remember hot taking that this was better than bad lieutenant, way back in the mists of time.

dunno if it was, or if I actually believed that, good though, although it’s a shame it never existed.


I remember it got sniffy reviews but I liked it a lot too.

I think cause Lynch was involved too, people expected a lot more? Idk


Loved Only Lovers, was on my top 50 long list