DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


Doubt many people care about what others think, as such, but can see why the tone of a lot it rubs people the wrong way.


yeah tone is a real piece of work


Unfortunately, thread got boring :disappointed:


Can understand why it is so divisive, but I just finished American Honey and I really like it. Inexcusably long, mind.


Felt rather guilty about fancying Riley Keough in that film considering how mean her character is


yay Juke :blush:


Not sure about that but it’s definitely the most edgelordy.


Just this lot left now. I think I’ll watch all of them eventually, but it’s screener season soon so might not get round to it for a while.


I think you might be the only other woman who took part in the thread

(apologies to anyone I’ve missed here)

oh leafy did actually nm


Jazzy did a bit. But yes bit of a sausage fest


tbf I would have more but the submission date for the film list was when I was feeling really bad about posting on here


Probably for the best tbh, made a provisional list and my favourite films would get ripped apart :smiley:


my number 1 was mean girls


10th on mine :open_hands:


Can’t we all just get along


Florida Project and Manchester by the Sea are both really, really good and you should watch them.


Just gonna keep saying Toni Erdmann


Seems nuts that I clock Penny Marshall having directed a bunch of films I know really well and she died 5 days later. :frowning:


Got it downloaded :+1:


John Wick and Red Road are the best, so you might want to save those for last.