DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


John Wick was nothing special.


John Wick looks like the type of film that everyone goes mad for and I watch and shrug my shoulders at the end. I don’t think it was made for me.


It’s an above average action movie, but fairly formulaic and certainly nothing earth-shattering. Very enjoyable if you like that kind of thing, but will probably leave you cold if it’s not.


Don’t think I’ve ever thought an action movie was more than a 7/10


I couldn’t disagree more! Sure, it’s nothing groundbreaking and resolutely fails to advance the boundaries of cinema as an artform. However, there is always pleasure to be had in well-executed versions of something familiar (just look at the IDLES thread) and this is an exceptionally well made example of its genre.

The best thing about it?

In a world of cheap, badly thought out, confusing, jerkily edited abominations, John Wick takes time to set out each scene. Tension gradually escalates as we meet the players and the geography of each location is established. When the breaking point is finally reached, we are thrown into meticulously planned, expertly choreographed and perfectly executed long scenes of exciting and brutal action. All the work that’s gone into that setup means that as characters are punched, kicked, shot stabbed and thrown around we never lose the sense of what is going on. We know exactly what is happening to who and where. There’s no shakycam or fast cutting to disguise poor technique, just the simple satisfaction of seeing one pretty bad guy sorting out hundreds of other bad guys.

And I like Keanu.


100% this

A film can be “not really my thing” without having to get dismissed as worthless and shit


has anyone seen that west african remake of purple rain?


If I’d submitted a list that would have been on there


Its good, I loved it but I tried to re-watch it and it doesn’t stand up to repeat viewings, unlike Sopranos, Wire, or 70’s Poldark.


Nah cause the original is shit


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No! But I remember really wanting to check it out after reading this review.


Isn’t the shakicam and confusing mess of some frenetic scenes in other action movies to do with trying to squeak a 12A rating rather than poor technique?


I watched this last night and really liked it

I didn’t even notice it being that long and I quite liked that it was repetitive (maybe not ‘repetitive’, maybe iterative is a better description).

really liked how animals were featured (I like when we don’t shy away from how the way we treat animals relates to how we treat each other. there was loads going on with meat, animal blood, eating animals, brutality, sex etc).


Regret not sticking Things to Come in my top five. Its subtle beauty was perhaps initially overlooked in favour of the more intense and showy titles. One of my favourites though, and Isabelle Huppert is just untouchable.


Gonna rewatch one, which is the most xmassy


A Prophet


Hidden is the best of the three imo. Pan’s is the most festive (but only cause of the fantasy edging…really stretching). All three are grand though so enjoy!