DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


Fantasy edge*

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Im sorry but any positive list with Boyhood on it instantly loses any semblance of cred. What a shame because the list is 99% great


No worries mate


Lady Bird was pretty fkn great then




I watched it fairly recently and fucking loved it, especially as I’d kinda just dismissed it as another quirky indie film. There’s so much truth in it. The Mother’s a really interesting character too.


Think the only bit I didn’t really like was Timmy Chalet playing the Mole from the South Park movie


It is really good but I still don’t understand what elevates it so much above other very-good teen coming of age stories that have come out recently - Edge of Seventeen (gonna stan this forever), Kings of Summer, The Spectacular Now etc.


well for me it’s elevated because I’ve seen it.


Yeah I meant the general critical consensus has it as a step above the others and I didn’t get why, nothing to do with you.

In other news, watch the other three! All pretty great


Watched Edge of Seventeen last week, really enjoyed it - Hailee Steinfeld is great.

On that, saw Bumblebee today - nobody will go and see it thanks to Michael Bay but I loved it. Really solid, fun Amblin-style film, another great performance from Hailee Steinfeld, just generally punches all the right buttons. An actually-good Transformers film, never thought I would live to see the day.

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Only seen The Kings of Summer from the ones you mentioned (will check out the rest!) and would say Lady Bird has much more to it. Liked KoS, charming in its own way, but LB’s characters are far more developed, explores more themes and just feels deeper all round. There’s something about it that feels fresh despite it being a well trod path for films, perhaps due to the female director. Really enjoyed it.


Fair, 17 is the one I’m really pushing for - the other two are just good modern ones. Over exaggerating my point for the sake of an argument, im a monster :wink:


Laurie Metcalf should have won that Oscar. She’s incredible in that film (I wasn’t in love with it overall though)


Just started watching Sideways - never seen it before. Will report back


I have - here is a screenshot.


Its the worst film in the 100 of the ones that I’ve seen.




Gotta be tbh honest but I dont hate sideways. I think it’s a decent entry in the self-loathing white men genre


Seems about right (20 mins left)