DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


Giamatti’s character is getting right on my wick tbqh


Way too Woody Allen for my tastes. Main character needed a good slap.


You could say he’s a right Payne.


Could just look in the mirror/post in here for that hah


looool hhajaaahhaaa



Going through the list watching the films I’ve not yet seen.

20 minutes or so into Lost Into Translation.

It’s quite racist lads




Wanted to eat my own arm off I was so uncomfortable during the prostitute scene


Its a horrible horrible film. One of those I am genuinely baffled by the love


The opening shot is Scarlett Johansson’s bottom.


I guess it was good at the time cause it got me into mbv


one I defs class as a guilty pleasure.

the atmosphere does it for me. ScarJo’s weepy dreaminess is the vector; it’s so easy to relate - the way she drifts about is so much my main mode of existence. heady, ineffectual, teary, etc.


Scarlett’s bum +1
Racism -2
Twee indie -1
= -2 (racist, twee)


just checking we’re not actually saying this is partly a good film cause it has a nice bum in it?


oh I finished Nightcrawler

I am irked by how it basically turned out to be a Patrick Batemen tribute act. I thought Gyllenhaal was gonna be a bit more interesting than that? not into how it turned out to be like… anti-hero succeeds with his sociopathic vision in darkly comic manner. thought it was gonna just go horribly wrong, but no, okay, here’s an AWESOME CAR CHASE instead, and look, everything worked out for him somehow.

just a bit silly, innit


I was answering TKC’s question


I know, I meant:


I know Eric definitely didn’t mean it as an actual positive but it’s the sort of thing someone would read and might misconstrue


Scarlett’s 17 year old bum, aye?