DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


As always theo, you are several leagues ahead of the rest of us and we salute you. No irony intended.


I saw LIT once. Didn’t really care about it. Not even keen on the moodiness. I’d rather rewatch CQ by her bro, which I thought was super cool when I was young. Or mebs id like to rewatch Marie Antoinette and see if I like it cause I watched in on megavideo and the quality was poo.


Did they play My Own Worst Enemy?


Mate aside from this one specific thing I wasn’t a particularly shining beacon of feminism in my teens/early 20s :pensive: the best you could say is that I looked good compared to most of the neanderthals I came up with :grimacing:


Better than most of us could say.



I can’t say I wasn’t attracted to her in that film, but it was a very emotional attraction I had to her character. she felt very real to me, and the film felt like how I felt.

I was also sixteen when I first watched it, so there’s that.

feels weird to think how young she is watching it now, but I still intensely relate to the emotions, because I’m really not so different to how I was back then.


I think what I related to most was the vulnerability, the sensitivity. it feels gross to think that people might view certains scenes in a really sexualised way, because it didn’t really feel like that to watch at all.


@moderators pls strike LIT from the top 100


It’s literally 100% directed like that. It’s not an accident.


I absolutely didn’t mean to imply I had any issues with people finding ScarJo attractive. It was just that her attractiveness kept coming up at the time from men as one of the things that made this film ‘good’. When combined with the other side of guys basically wanting to be Bill Murray due to his position as cool dude from our childhood it all got a bit weird? Like was there actually a good film in there or was it just pressing a lot of buttons?


it’s not though



these two posts above are like a passion play, the third act is DiS asking me to “Consider replying to several posts at once” :heart_eyes:


a) it’s not a good film
b) it’s pretty creepy
c) it’s fucking racist

bin it out of your mind, mates


a lot of drink taken in the early hours.


been dancing to rihanna for like 5 hours

(all opinions my own)


thank you southampton, and good night!


(i assume you’re in southampton)


the virgin suicides is way better, anyway


Don’t really get what this has to do with it but okay.