DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


Love you guys


Its just been put up on Mubi


Let’s all watch it for film club


I only saw that for the first time this year and must say it was rather good


it has everything to do with everything, especially when steamin’


Film club is dead, yet more ammo for @ttf


I mean I have no idea what this means :grinning:


dont know what film club is, sounds like a waste of time


The first rule is that you don’t talk about film club


sigh you’re a hard man to troll, Theo


Let’s not


Cinema Paradise came through with 2 more of the films from the list I’ve not seen

I watched Shape of Water last night. Maybe a 7 out of 10 for me. I liked the production design and the feel of it, but it was a bit simplistic “good people Vs bad people” and didn’t quite hang together to my mind

Black Panther also came, planning to watch it tonight with my son (who has already seen it but will up for a rewatch)


Shape of water was like a less good Splash


or a less good version of s2e20 of Buffy



they kill an innocent bystander


That was my problem with Shape Of Water. There was a lot to like in it, but the main villain is just such an obvious Bad Guy that it cheapened the rest of it for me.


Watched Black Panther

Good fun, great cast, definitely the best of the recent marvel films I’ve seen (although I’ve missed loads as I got a bit bored of them)


Shape of water was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.



Shape of water

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Option 1: she was always a fish
Option 2: Turned into a fish


It gets worse every time I remember it