DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


I likte shape of water, I like Sally Hawkins and the fish man was cool


What? She was explicitly a fishlady from the start.

Incomprehensible that this utterly empty film got such good reviews just because it has a nice, consistent design aesthetic.


Legitimate ambiguity https://qz.com/quartzy/1197149/the-shape-of-water-ending-the-perfect-ambiguity-of-guillermo-del-toros-2018-best-picture-nominee/

I think films having a good aesthetic is 90% of what a film is, I liked it, though was a bit of a let down after the excellent crimson peak


Don’t really see any ambiguity. She’s got gills from the start. The fish dude’s power is shown healing stuff, not randomly changing it. Therefore, he fixes her broken gills.

I enjoyed it while I was watching it but didn’t rate it beyond that. Didn’t see Crimson Peak because I don’t like horror films but I do think it’s a shame that del Toro’s never made another film as good as Blade 2. Now would be the perfect time to get Luke Goss back in the saddle.

A strong look can definitely improve a film but it needs to have something else underneath. That’s why Fury Road > Enter the Void > The Phantom Menace > any Wes Anderson shite.


As Del Toro constantly bangs on about, crimson peak is a gothic romance not a horror.

As for shape of water it seems clear to me it was specifically designed to be interpreted either way, either they were gills or they were the scars of an injury that left her mute. Don’t see why having healing powers means fish man couldn’t have additional powers. Can’t remember now but remember at the time there being several bits to support the transformation interpretation, fits in with the fairy tale theme the film is supposed to be


Yeah, it’s probably intended to be ambiguous. I just don’t think that what’s shown on screen supports both interpretations to the same extent because the second needs us to extrapolate beyond what we’ve already seen rather than applying what we know. Even fairy tale logic needs to be internally consistent.

“Gothic Romance” makes it sound like Tim Burton. Which is even worse than a horror!


Shite of water


: The @epimer story


You should give crimson peak ago, rare example of a good film


Inside out is on the telly


That was bloody great


yeah it’s one of the best pixars isnt it


Think you’d have to be a monster not to cut onions while watching that


Watched this again over Christmas and it’s definitely an excellent film. Really loved how it played and actually felt more keenly how the politics worked for Killmonger. I really noticed was how disingenuous his entire strategy really is. It’s pure fascism isn’t it?

The words are powerful, designed to pull on our feelings and make us feel sympathetic to his cause.

But his actions contradict it: hundreds of weapons sent to particular black activists in the US and Europe but we know some of these weapons are bound to be captured by the governments his guys are trying to topple. On top of that we also know it will lead to anarchy, not control. That’s his plan but we also know that the oppression of people of colour isn’t only about the institutional racism of the regime: this will surely result in the deaths of 1000s to millions of the poorest people and will disproportionately affect black people.

Also the intro was interesting and very very good. So much heavy lifting done by the opening but it’s so engaging too. It’s not remotely boring to watch the story of how Wakanda is how it is unfold. That said I am generally against this stuff and I reckon a first time viewer who started the film with BP watching the newsreel before action would be fine. Forrest Whitaker outlines what happens in the opening when he reminisces. Of course you’d miss an extra callback to the basketball hoop made from a crate so it is still an important part of the film.


Almost finished Black Panther and it is very much not my thing as expected. Taking a break cos I got too bored. I wish I liked this stuff, I feel like I’m missing out :confounded:


Yeah, watched it, hated it, renewed my vow not to see another Marvel film. Just everything about it - the colours, the sound, the action sequences - just don’t appeal to me.


The more things that happen in a film, the worse the film is. Too many things happen in marvel films for them to be good


Only the 3rd of January and we’re back on the Marvel hottakes? A new record!


struggling to think of a marvel film i disliked.

actually didn’t like the new spiderman all that much tbh


Alright, bela tarr