DiS Top 100 Films of the 21st Century (so far)


Always avoided Tree of Life because I knew it would be a load of wank but I wasn’t prepared for just how wank it is.

It looks and sounds stunning though. Small mercies.


100% wank. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Definitely the worst I’ve seen at the cinema and I watched waterworld at the flicks.


I’d say 30% wank


It’s wank but I still love it (last 10 mins aside)


Going to get John Wick done tonight or tomorrow and from then on I’ll only have about 7/8 left to tick off the list, and I’m pretty sure I’ll like all of them.


watched my first indiana jones film today (raiders). was alright. was quite surprised when it went all cronenberg with the melting nazis at the end - thought it was supposed to be a family film!


NOT a 21st century film


ah shit wrong thread.


I liked John Wick far more than I was expecting.


my pal bought me Bee Movie for my birthday so I’ll be watching that today. i have high expectations.

wrong thread


Watched a few of these over Christmas off the back of folk’s recommendations. Pretty much all at least good :+1:

A Ghost Story - mentioned this up ^there. Strangely affecting. 8/10

Leave No Trace - great central characters. Maybe not as blown away as I was expecting to be having read the reviews. 8/10

Black Panther - good for a superhero film but not necessarily my kind of thing. 7/10

Moonlight - was expecting to be blown away. Was blown away. The third act was amazing. 9/10

Melancholia - had pretty much given up on LVT films because of the reasons, but this was decent. The opening sequence was amazing. Kirsten Dunst was great in this. 7/10

Inside Out - amazing. 9/10. Kids in peril is my absolute kryptonite in films, but turns out that kids being sad might be even worse. Probably didn’t help that I watched this with my two on New Year’s Day with a hangover. That said, the bit that really got me !!!SPOILER AHEAD!!!

The bit where her imaginary friend disappears in the lost memories. Fucking hell M9s :disappointed_relieved:

Going to carry on working through the ones I haven’t seen :+1:

DADSNET - new forum/newborn (doesn't even rhyme)

Still got 13 left to watch, I didn’t think there was that many.

Still Walking
Toni Erdmann
Manchester by the Sea
The Florida Project
Red Road
Leave No Trace
Beau Travail
The Orphanage
Slow West
Werckmeister Harmonies
A Ghost Story


Definitely watch these back to back, thank me later.


Never a wrong thread to talk about Bee Movie


What a fucking insane film




Manchester by the Sea is on BBC2 tomorrow night FYI


Hereditary: fine. Couldn’t get over Peter being ‘high-school age’. Apparently he’s only 21 in real life but he looks about 35.


Manchester by the Sea
Didn’t do anything for me


Thought it was alright