DiS trip to B&Q

Thought we could all go on a big old trip to B&Q, who’s in?

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Gonna spend a lot of time in the garden part, wondering why all the plants look too dead to revive, before spending a little while looking at power tools and then choosing which paints to play with.

Exactly and I think one of us is gonna have to carry a gas canister back if we’re using the fancy barbecue and we can finally get the garden gate fixed


Went to B&Q with a colleague once and once he’d found the screws he needed he said to me “right, come on” like he’d suddenly turned into dad mode. (would never normally say something like that to me)


So long as we can get it on a trolley to the van, I’m happy taking it from there. I’ll rope a few Entertainment board wankers in to help.

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I’m gonna go to the person who cuts the mdf into the size you want, and get some mdf cut.

I thought you’d never ask

Going to pretend to do a poo in one of the display toilets. Hahaha what am I like.


Going to look at the paint cards and find the nicest colours, just for fun


Food van outside as well

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I had an interview for a job at B&Q when I was sixteen. I didn’t get it, but I like to think they’ve kept an eye on my progress since then


I’ll be in the doorbell section


The b and a near me always has a big stack of orange buckets at the door and I don’t understand if they’re for sale or if you can use them as baskets and I’m too scared to ask

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It’s both!


The B&Q-like store near me has a hot dog stand INSIDE THE ENTRANCE. I love going there even more now.

I’ll be smelling the wood and wandering through the proper trade building section.

Then the gardening

Them try out all the doors

£40 on plants and a few paint pots. Done.

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Nicest smell

  • B&Q
  • Halfords

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Have always though B&Q seems like a fun place to work.

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Either under 25 or over 55 with no one in between. Bet the Christmas parties are wild