DiS Usernames Shoehorned Into Song Lyrics


Has this one been done on these boards yet?

Bunch of new usernames so about time it got a revival I recks.

To kick us off, the old classic:

Woah-oh Black Betty, @bamnan


Do the @ma0sm




I’m @Jeremys_Iron, like a lion, in Zion


@sean in the USA!


I just thought of one for my own, but maybe I’ll wait and see if someone else does it


Don’t push too far your dreams are china @hexagram


@TKC! A P.C. police victory
@TKC! A P.C. phyrric victory


We’re gonna have a rich t party tonight!


Both of us know it
Love is a @badmanreturns


Hold a chicken in the air
Stick a deckchair up your nose
Buy a jumbo jet
And then bury all your clothes
Paint your left knee green
Then extract your wisdom teeth
Form a string quartet
And pretend your name is @keith


@incandenza durera
Scream to a sigh, to a sigh


When the going gets ruffers
The ruffers get going


@AphexTwinkletoes that the dice are loaded
@AphexTwinkletoes with their fingers crossed
@AphexTwinkletoes that the war is over
@AphexTwinkletoes the good guys lost
@AphexTwinkletoes the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes


Up the (colon_closed) bracket


out of the bearded barley


better song than the one I was thinking of <3


Oppan @Bamnan style!


@Ruffers you should have come over
It’s not too late


Believe me
The sun always shines on @laelfy