DiS Users' April 2018 Album Of The Month


It’s so much fun, really cheered me up a few times recently


Nothings properly grabbed me this month and I haven’t really been listening to much new music but here we go

  1. Hinds - I Don’t Run
  2. Daniel Avery - Song for Alpha
  3. Goat Girl - Goat Girl


Cheers for the Goat Girl tip - great stuff.



  1. No Thank You - All it takes to ruin it all
  2. Hop Along - Bark Your Head off Dog
  3. Spring Onion - I did my taxes for free online


1 Mastersystem - Dance Music
2 Hop Along - Bark…
3 eels - the deconstruction
4 Josh T Pearson - The Straight Hits

Would strongly recommend Matersystem to anyone who hasn’t heard it (frightened rabbit/editors/minor victories members making a massive sounding alt rock record). The Boxer Rebellion also had a nice wee album out this month, hadn’t heard anything from them in years. Still to spend more time with a place to bury strangers, God is an astronaut, Grouper and Okkervil River.

  1. Christina Vantzou - No.4

  2. Grouper - Grid of Points

  3. Emma Tricca - St Peter

  4. Exitmusic - The Recognitions

  5. Richard Youngs - Endless Futures


I quite liked Notes on a Life Not Quite Lived by Mastersystem, but wasn’t sure about the rest of the album. Felt a bit generic Scotrock - but I guess that makes sense now I know who’s in the band.

  1. Young Galaxy - Down Time
  2. Tinashe - Joyride
  3. Rival Consoles - Persona


!!! 1. Grouper - Grid of Points !!!
2. Sarah Davachi - Let Night Come On Bells End the Day

Haven’t really heard much else - need to listen to Daniel Avery by the sounds of it

  1. Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
  2. PinioL - Bran Coucou
  3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food

  1. Young Galaxy - Down Time
  2. Grouper - Grid of Points
  3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food

  1. Grouper - Grid of Points
  2. DRINKS - Hippo Lite
  3. Daniel Avery - Song for Alpha

Also enjoyed the Say Sue Me, Kali Uchis, King Tuff and Alexis Taylor records. @MelodiousThunk that Exitmusic album was wonderfully woozy too!


Aye, it is isn’t it? Hmmm - now you mention it, I think I’ll give it another listen on my journey home tonight. (Still struggling to select my top 3 this month, so must plump for something.)

  1. Rival Consoles
  2. Kali Uchis
  3. Saba

  1. Wye Oak- The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
  2. Janelle Monae- Dirty Computer
  3. Hop Along- Bark Your Head Off, Dog


Goat Girl
Speedy Ortiz

  1. Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
  2. John Maus - Addendum
  3. Kali Uchis - Isolation

  1. Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
  2. Spielbergs - Distant Star EP
  3. A Place to Bury Strangers - Pinned
  4. Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
    . Mastersystem - Dance Music
    . Christian Fitness - Nuance - The Musical
  5. Speedy Ortiz - Twerp Verse

Despite the general lack of distortion, the Hop Along album is great and “Prior Things” is pretty much a perfect song. The album gets better every time I listen to it.

All week the 4th place ones were in a tie for 3rd place and I was trying to figure it out, and then I remembered the Spielbergs EP which quickly shot up to #2 (and honestly might even be #1 but I still need more time with it.) People are comparing them to Japandroids but I think that’s selling them short. The transitions in the 2nd song are amazing and the third song (the one I linked to) is a song of the year candidate - kind of like if you cross “Dinner Bells” by Wolf Parade with TWIABP at their best but with raw production.

I’d never really listened to APTBS before - this is pretty great and I’m confused by the negative reviews.

The Wye Oak album is great too and was probably going to win the tiebreaker based on the piano line at the end of “You of All People” alone. I wish I could have voted for it, but aside from two or three songs it’s a little less intensely sad than I’m used to from them, and that’s when I think they’re at their best.

The Mastersystem album has been a surprise of the year for me, but there are two or three songs that are a bit more plodding than the others that kind of hurt it as a whole.

Nuance the Musical is the third Falco album to grab me, but I definitely want to work my way into the rest of them. That Bob Dylan line is amazing, and for some reason the way it doesn’t go right into the verse again makes it even better.

I started off really disliking the Speedy Ortiz album but now I actually like most of it. The three song stretch from Lucky 88 - Backslidin’ - Villain is particularly good, and there are some nice growers in the back half. There are still a few songs that feel kind of just there and not really adding much to the album, but hopefully that changes with time.

Another good month but it’s feeling like this year might be another 2014 where there’s a ton of good music but a general lack of top tier classics.


I’ll do the counting sometime today. Not sure when though. It’s 1:40am and I’m currently at a bar in NYC drinking. I’ll probably grab a coffee later and tally the scores up. Get your choices/changes in quickly please.


Hang on, BMS1 … coming …