DiS Users' April 2022 Album Of The Month - The Results

Yea, I’ve been pretty out of step with DiS on April. Hopefully this month will work out better for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you might listen to more new music than anyone in the world


It’s actually getting ridiculous, finding I’m having to make excuses from any event or activity that doesn’t allow me to listen to music just to fit everything in. Think I might have a problem, but I figure it’s a healthy alternative to drugs.


it’s incredible that you have the mental capacity for it tbh. I definitely share the urge not to miss stuff and to kind of curate everything, but I have to tap out at three or four albums a week because otherwise I don’t feel I can get to know them


I basically have a new music day where I might try 10-15 things over the work day, and then yeah settle into the standout 3-4 - unless I get a specific recommendation from someone I trust then I have to add that in

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I enjoyed this a lot today (didn’t get to it until today due to how stacked April was - glad I worked my way down the playlist to get to it). Great headphones record, and a really distinct sound. Definitely going to give this a few more listens.

Did this MJ Lenderman album get just the one vote in the end? I only started listening to it in May after that Pitchfork review, but, to paraphrase the immortal Gerry Cinnamon, it’s an absolute belter.

Absolute travesty that it’s been overlooked. Perfect mix of catchy refrains and ramshackle depth. Also paints such an endearing picture of scuzzy American life, while avoiding most of the tired clichés that normally accompany it (I’m looking at you, Mr Morby).

And as someone who’s not remotely a wrestling fan, I’m amazed by how much a song called TLC Cage Match has moved me:


Yeah, think just me, but a couple had it bubbling under.

yeah was probably 6th for me, but with more listens could easily be up to 4th

Missed it at the time but the MJ Lenderman album is very good and getting significantly better with each listen. Definitely would have gotten a vote. Think fans of Sparklehorse and Yuck will find a lot to love in there.