DiS Users' April 2023 Album Of The Month - THE RESULTS


Vote for your favourite five albums. Make your selections clear please as it makes tallying up the scores easier. If you list a whole bunch of albums without making your selections clear I’ll take the first five mentioned as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. No joint positions please. Sorry to be a pedant.

Your album of the month will get five points, 2nd placed album four points, 3rd placed album three points, 4th placed album two points and 5th one point. If you name only one album I’ll give that five points. If you name two albums I’ll score them with five and four points etc. You get the message.

My choices:

1. Blondeshell - Blondeshell

2. Lael Neale - Star Eaters Delight

3. Kara Jackson - Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love

4. Billie Marten - Drop Cherries

5. ?

A quiet month for me. My top two way ahead of the others.

Very impressed with the Blondeshell album. Some great lyrics and has a Liz Phair Exile… feel to it for me. Glad she’s on her way up. There’s a sold out Moth Club gig next month and a Lafayette one announced later in the year. A short album at 32 minutes long and the time zips through. Really like it.

I hadn’t heard of Lael Neale until maybe a few days after the new album was release. Like her style hugely. Brilliantly layered stuff and would appeal to Julia Holter fans perhaps. I was too late to the party with her and I would have got a ticket for the Lexington show on the back of this album but it was sold out.

I liked Kara Jackson’s one and it kind of just flowed well when did a couple of long walks (about 75 minutes) from work to EArtH for the Waxahatchee gigs earlier this month. Some albums are good “walking” albums for me.

Billie Marten’s album’s nice too as was her show this month.

Always a lot of great recommendations from you guys about albums that I’ve missed or overlooked. Not sure what else is out tomorrow apart from Indigo De Souza so I’ll see what you guys come up with.

Please forgive any shameless bumps of this thread during the week. I’ll keep this thread open until Sunday 7th May and so you’ll have over a week to listen to tomorrow’s releases if there’s anything out before choosing.

Vote now!! (Or later in the week) but make your choices clear please.

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Haven’t listened to many new records this month but there’s a clear #1 for me:

  1. Feist - Multitudes

It’s a record of wonderful songs brilliantly arranged. Lots of small surprises in there too.


There are quite a few interesting albums out tomorrow, but I’m particularly interested to hear Susanne Sundfør and Jessie Ware (and have a vague interest in Braids and JFDR)

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Need to get on to this.

Very quiet month. Can only think of 2 or 3 albums tops. Mostly listening to stuff from the frankly ridiculous 31st March.

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At this stage, I reckon Lael Neale will be top of my 5, with Holiday Ghosts, Cinder Well, Brìghde Chaimbeul, Josienne Clarke, Terry and a few others in the running.

Not loads that I’m excited about tomorrow, though I will be checking out albums by Nabihah Iqbal, Avalon Emerson and The Orb with particular interest.

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Fallen a little bit out of the loop this month but probably most played are:

  1. The Shits - You’re A Mess
  2. Jesus Piece - So Unknown
  3. boygenius - The Record
  4. Understand - Real Food At Last
  5. Matt Ox/Surf Gang - OXygen

Getting whiplash just thinking about listening to Jesus Piece followed by Boygenius one after another


Given that boygenius was DiS’s album of the month for March, I’m guessing that came out last month?


I think this was released last month.

Yep. Snap.

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Lol, just proves how out of the loop I am I guess.

have you all forgotten Wednesday came out this month??

  1. Wednesday - Rat Saw God
  2. Milc - Horseradish
  3. Vic Spencer - If George Bush Was Cool
  4. Laveda - A Place You Grew Up In

probs gonna redo after tomorrow/catching up on last Friday


I’m not far into my April playlist yet but there’s been a lot of good jazz so far which I might help expand your list.

These ones I never got round to adding to the weekly threads but do come recommended. Also got the Dinner Party (Glasper, Washington, etc) album queued which I notice didn’t make the release threada at all).

Edit: to be clear, these aren’t my votes, I’ll be coming back with those on the morning of the deadline as per usual!

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EDIT: forgot about the best release, albeit only an EP.

  1. Disintegration — Times Moves for Me

Post-punk synth-wave, gradually moving from coldwave to borderline new romantic pop. Very much looking forward to a full album from these guys.

  1. FEWS — Glass City

Post-punk-inflected alt rock with hints of shoegaze. Maybe not quite as good as the last album, but it’s still early days.

Yves Tumor — Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)

Don’t think this got a mention in the weekly new music threads or elsewhere? Not entirely sure about it. Art-rock, I guess. Reminds me of The Dears’ No Cities Left (in the sense of experimenting with different styles) without sounding at all like that album. Lots I like (produced by Alan Moulder; contains some solid basslines, “meaty” as the bandcamp write up has it) but also bits that would ordinarily put me right off (e.g. some Methyl Ethyl/Tame Impala-like 70s awfulness). “Operator” is like a cross between OutKast and a Cure b-side.

Operator also has a fucking ace Faith No More throwback. In my top 10 albums of the year so far, easily.

  1. Wednesday
  2. FACS
  3. Bruiser & Bicycle
  4. Nathan Fake
  5. Bodywash

Also enjoyed Life In Vacuum, North Americans… and Nabihah Iqbal sounds quite interesting from today.

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  1. Madlib, Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs - Champagne for Breakfast
  2. El Michels Affair & Black Thought - Glorious Game
  3. Rezzett - Meant Like This
  4. YUNGMORPEUS - From Whence It Came

No 5th this month. Very quiet month.


Yves Tumor was in my top 5 - for March!

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Greg Foat is good