DiS Users' February 2018 Album Of The Month


I’m going to wait to vote, but I just wanted to plug the Horseflies album Sea Control. I had never heard of them before until someone mentioned them on here, but they’re great.

“Slow Choke” is a highlight:

  1. Ought - Room Inside the World
  2. Joan As Police Woman - Damned Devotion
  3. Hovvdy - Cranberry
  4. GoGo Penguin - A Humdrum Star
  5. Hookworms - Microshift


Perhaps a tad premature. No 1 is cemented though. Enjoyed Loma on first listen and still to spin U.S. Girls, Pianos Become The Teeth, Car Seat Headrest and The Orielles


indie rock lads party for me this month

  1. MGMT - Little Dark Age
  2. Hookworms - Microshift
  3. Field Music - Open Here

but a big shout out to ultimate lad Laurie Anderson for her album Landfall with Kronos Quartet, which has a dark beauty I am falling in love with.


Ezra Furman
U.S. Girls


Too soon for me. Waiting to hear today’s releases including Olden Yolk and Lo Moon. [That’s not a vote @BMS1, not yet at least.] Lot’s of great releases to choose from this month, IMHO.

New Releases 23/2/2018

Just a quick reminder that Rae Morris released a really good album this month and everyone should probably listen to it and then recast their votes :slightly_smiling_face:


Will vote later on once I have listened to more stuff from the past two weeks, but just coming in to encourage people to listen to Hannah Epperson, who will most likely be my number one.

Listen to this track with its beyond-lovely violin sounds:


Barely listened to anything new this month. Although I am giving that U.S. Girls one a go now; it’s good.

Ezra Furman was OK. And Hookworms too. Kinda preferred The Hum but it might be a grower.


  1. US Girls
  2. Ezra
  3. Hookworms

  1. The Orielles : “Silver Dollar Moment”
  2. Hookworms : “Microshift”
  3. Happy Accidents : “Everything But The Here And Now”.

A great bunch of lads (and lassies).


Very intrigued by this ^!


It’s great. The concept is all about Hurricane Sandy and major flooding. Kronos are all broody and have quite a few tracks without Laurie, but then she pops up to be descriptive/mystical/funny along the way. The tracklist gives you an idea:

CNN Predicts A Monster Storm
Wind Whistles Through The Dark City
The Water Rises
Our Street Is A Black River
Darkness Falls
Dreams Translated
The Dark Side
Built You A Mountain
The Electricity Goes Out And We Move To A Hotel
We Learn To Speak Yet Another Language
Dawn Of The World
The Wind Lifted The Boats And Left Them On The Highway
It Twisted The Street Signs
Then It Receded
The Nineteen Stars Of Heaven
Nothing Left But Their Names
All The Extinct Animals
Galaxies II
Never What You Think It Will Be
Thunder Continues In The Aftermath
We Blame Each Other For Losing The Way
Another Long Evening
Riding Bicycles
Helicopters Hang Over Downtown
We Head Out
Everything Is Floating
Gongs And Bells Sing
Old Motors And Helicopters


^THAT is a tracklist tbh tbf…


30 tracks clocking in at 1 hr 9 mins ooooft!

Edit: this has only just whetted my appetite for it more @Gert


I aim to whet


Will report back :wink:

  1. Hookworms | Mircroshift
  2. Gogo Penguin | A Humdrum Star
  3. Loma | Loma


Car Seat Headrest




Ezra Furman