DiS Users' February 2019 Album Of The Month


Great shout on the Japanese Ambient compilation. I’ve only heard the ten tracks online, really want to get hold of the cd/record.

  1. Savage Mansion - Revision Ballads
  2. Spielbergs - This Is Not The End
  3. Apples With Moya - Get Behind The Horses
  4. Desperate Journalist - In Search Of The Miraculous
  5. Beirut - Gallipoli

  1. Julia Jacklin - Crushing
  2. Jessica Pratt - Quiet Songs
  3. Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock

  1. Nivhek - After its own death/walking in a spiral towards the house
  2. Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth
  3. Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch - An attempt to draw aside the veil
  4. V/A - Kankyo Ongaku Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990
  5. Not Waving/Jim O’ Rourke - Side A/Side B

Also enjoyed giving a listen to Tiny Ruins & International Teachers of Pop


Totally forgot about this! Loved it on first spin but have yet to return to it. Gotta rectify that error asap!


Loads I haven’t heard yet, a strong month for sure.

1/ Julia Jacklin
2/ Nivhek
3/ Mikron
4/ Jessica Pratt
5/ Beirut

Have enjoyed the LCD Electric Lady Sessions above anything else this month, but disqualified it.
Panda Bear a bit unfortunate to miss out. Also liked James Yorkston & Cass McCombs but need to spend more time with them.


That LCD album is all kinds of fun.


It’s a real shame it’s so expensive. I’m usually happy to pay for physical issues but £30 for a double CD or £60 for the vinyl seems really excessive to me. I was interested in it and feel I’d get a lot more out of it with the sleevenotes but the price put me off.


It really is :slight_smile:
Nancy Whang = MVP

  1. Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next
  2. Beirut - Gallipoli
  3. Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth

Really glad to see that the Beirut album is being well received - think it’s a beautiful return to form after a disappointing last album. Hadn’t seen any thread about it so thought people might have given up on him/them

  1. Desperate Journalist
  2. Teeth of the Sea
  3. Pye Corner Audio
  4. Julia Jacklin
  5. Jessica Pratt

Strong month. Lau and Jessica Pratt had to fight it out for fifth place.

Also still to listen to Worriedaboutsatan…slack!


I think I naturally listen to stuff I’ve bought from bandcamp more just because I don’t have that much stuff on there.

Consensus on here seems to be 2nd half isn’t as strong or a bit generic but maybe I just don’t know other comparable stuff as I love the whole album.


Yeah it’s excessive. I took the plunge because 1. I’ve never connected with other Japanese ambient stuff so it feels like the primer I need. 2. I normally only end up buying a couple of compilations a year so wth.

That’s my excuses for wasting money anyway…


Nice, did you get the vinyl or CD? Looks like the vinyl has sold out most places, but I’m tempted to get the CD before that does too.


Vinyl because I can always sell it if I decide it’s not for me whereas CDs seem virtually impossible to sell these days.

I think Norman still have it in stock if you are tempted!!!

  1. Julia Jacklin - Crushing
  2. Beirut - Gallipoli
  3. Spielbergs - This Is Not The End

I’ve spent most of the month listening to Press Club though if I’m honest (the Spielbergs album never really clicked like I expected?)


I’ll probably end up buying it too. I’m just grumbling at the moment.


1 Drenge - Strange Creatures
2 Julia Jacklin - Crushing
3 Tiny Ruins - Olympic Girls
4 Yann Tiersen - All
5 Du Blonde - Lung Bread For Daddy


I’d love to be contrary, and vote for Mercury Rev’s album, which I enjoyed but appears to be pretty universally hated on here. But, no, it’d make my top 7, but not the top 5, which are as follows:

  1. Susanna: The Garden of Earthly Delights
  2. The Unthanks: Lines, Parts One, Two and Three
  3. Jessica Pratt: Quiet Signs
  4. James Yorkston: The Route to the Harmonium
  5. Golden Daze: Simpatico

Also Rans:
The Claypool Lennon Delirium: South of Reality
Mercury Rev: Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited

Overall, nice Feb. As always, thanks for doing this, @BMS1

  1. Golden Daze - Simpatico
  2. James Place - Still waves to a whisper
  3. Efdemin - New Atlantis
  4. Pye Audio Corner - Hollow Earth
  5. Mikron - Severance.

Adia Victoria and Desperate Journalist LPs I loved as well.

  1. Saor - Forgotten Paths
  2. Julia Jacklin - Crushing
  3. Du Blonde - Lung Bread For Daddy
  4. Spielbergs - This is Not the End
  5. Desperate Journalist - In Search of the Miraculous

Also enjoyed Seer, Yola, Daktoa, Yann Tiersen, Be Forest and Hauschka.