DiS Users' January 2019 Album Of The Month

Thanks for doing this thread again @BMS1
Always a great way to pick up on albums that may have went under my radar.
Quiet month for me as work has been in the way of discovering new stuff, so my votes are for albums I had been already looking forward to for a long time and not really had a chance to listen much else.
Top 2 are a long way ahead of #3

  1. Sharon Van Etten
    Sensational album… probably would rank it as my favorite of hers now.

  2. The Delines
    Beautiful record. Some of Willy Vlautin’s strongest songs and Amy Boone’s voice left me with goosebumps when I saw them live last week.

  3. Deerhunter
    I want to love this but it is a patchy album, some really good stuff on here but it’s no Halcyon Digest.

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Did you go to their Rough Trade East set?

No, saw them in Galway. Nice small venue. Afterwards, the band had drinks & mingled with the crowd for ages. Got to have a chat with them, really genuine people.


1.A.A.Williams. Again thanks to @Olivarez for pointing me to this. It’s the best debut I’ve heard since Hope Of The States back in the day. So excited for this.
2.Twilight Sad
3.Sharon Van Etten
5.Julia Kent

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I’m looking forward to their London gig next week. I saw them at Rough Trade East last week. Yep, agreed. Really nice people when they did their signing after their set.

Thanks so much for continuing to do this @BMS1 Also liking the expansion to five…

  1. Black to Comm - Seven Horses For Seven Kings
  2. Julia Kent - Temporal
  3. Deerhunter - Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?
  4. Gavin Miller - 3 Days
  5. Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow

Enjoy the gig next week. They’re really great live.

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  1. AA Williams - AA Williams (EP)

Blown away by this EP. Nothing else has come close this month. I will shut up about it soon.

Agree with all sentiments above said about the EP. Would have hoped for 2-3 more songs on the EP to get it up past the 19 minute mark, as it flew by and left me hanging, wanting more. Could have been the intent however…

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  1. Twilight Sad - It won/t be like this all the time
  2. Sarachai - Come, deathless
  1. James Blake - Assume Form
  2. Toy - Happy In The Hollow
  3. The Twilight Sad - It Won/t Be Like This All the Time
  4. Deerhunter - Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared

Such a strong month, better than any in 2018 I’d say.

  1. Deerhunter - Why’s Hasn’t Everything Already Dissapeared?
  2. James Blake - Assume Form
  3. Better Oblivion… - Better Oblivion…
  4. Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
  5. Angelo De Augustine - Tomb

Deerhunter really delivered with this new one, much better than Fading Fronteir in my opinion.

I’m surprised at my relative lack of enthusiasm for the new Sharron Van Etten, given my enthusiasm for her in the past. I think some of the Congleton production errs a bit too close to stuff he has done with St Vincent and there is a lack of memorable songs outside Seventeen.

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I really like the collaboration KAS did with Suzanna Ciani but the solo stuff I’ve heard hasn’t really been my thing until this which is great - thanks for the tip!

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Five album format :open_mouth:

  1. Swervedriver - Future Ruins
  2. The Dandy Warhols - Why You So Crazy
  3. Steve Mason - About The Light
  4. Sharon Van Ettn - Remind Me Tomorrow
  5. Deerhunter - Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?


Seeing both of them on Friday :sunglasses:

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How do you manage to fit that in??

Swervedriver are conveniently supporting The Warhols at Brixton Academy (with added Juniore also on the bill - not often that I’ll get to a gig in time to catch TWO supports acts) :+1:

1 Twilight Sad - It won/t be like this all the time
2 Pedro The Lion - Phoenix
3 A.A. Williams - A.A. Williams
4 James Blake - Assume Form
5 Better Oblivion Community Centre - Better Oblivion Community Centre

  1. Aukai - Reminiscence
  2. 1900 - Fältinspelningar
  3. A.A. Williams - A.A. Williams
  4. Julia Kent - Temporal

… I think ol’ A.A. is the only one who does any singing in my list.