DiS Users' January 2024 Album Of The Month - THE RESULTS


Welcome to the longest running monthly episodic thread in DiS history. This thread is now in its 11th year. It’s always been a good place for recommendations. It’s also confirmation that I’ve little better to do than to count up stuff on here for over a decade.

Vote for your favourite five albums. Make your selections clear please as it makes tallying up the scores easier. If you list a whole bunch of albums without making your selections clear I’ll take the first five mentioned as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. No joint positions please. Sorry to be a pedant.

Your album of the month will get five points, 2nd placed album four points, 3rd placed album three points, 4th placed album two points and 5th one point. If you name only one album I’ll give that five points. If you name two albums I’ll score them with five and four points etc. You get the message.

My choices:

1. Torres - What An Enormous Room

2. Bill Ryder-Jones - Iechyd Da

3. Lily Seabird - Alas,

4. SPRINTS - Letter To Self

5. Teen Mortgage - Teen Mortgage

I’ll have Torres as my top pick. Really loved that album. Not as pop and does have the big fun pop rock of the previous but still great.

I’ve not really heard much of The Coral and didn’t realise Bill Ryder-Jones was a band member before this album. A very good album…but for me not in the AOTY contender category that some have this as. A varied album and often sounds similar to so many other artists that I like such as Mercury Rev, The Golden Dregs, Belle and Sebastian, Malcolm Middleton, The Delgados and maybe some The Magnetic Fields. Definitely enjoyed this on endless repeat listens on the week of its release.

The Lily Seabird album is great lo-fi indie and really liked it. Some songs are fairly long and over five or six minutes which oddly works well as this type of lo-fi indie tracks are often shorter.

I saw SPRINTS once a couple of years ago when gigs were starting up again after lockdown and they were impressive. The album’s very good and look like they’re quite big already judging by the venues they’ve got booked.

Teen Mortgage seem to have one sound but it’s a pretty good one and a very strong third pick for me this month. Liked most of the Middle Kids’ EP and reminded me a bit of The Jezabels.

Always a lot of great recommendations from you guys about albums that I’ve missed or overlooked. Not sure what’s out tomorrow. I’ll check out the Katy Kirby album and also see what you guys are listening to.

Please forgive any shameless bumps of this thread during the week. I’ll keep this thread open until Sunday 4th February and so you’ll have over a week to listen to tomorrow’s releases if there’s anything out before choosing.

Vote now!! (Or later in the week) but make your choices clear please.


In the running so far I’ve got Yīn Yīn, Chemtrails, Ana Tijoux, The Fauns, Roy Montgomery & Friends, Lila Ehjä, Hot Garbage, Bronson Arm, Lily Seabird.

Not seeing a lot on the new release pile for tomorrow that I’m dead excited about, but a few I’m interested to listen to: the new Ty Segall, Future Islands, Torres, Gruff Rhys, Sarah Jarosz, The Umbrellas and the Anna Calvi Peaky Blinders scores.

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The Smile

Bill Ryder Jones

Right now it’s

  1. Skee Mask - C
  2. Donato Dozzy - Magda
  3. Wydraddear - The Archives - Volume 1
  4. Cowboy Sadness - Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1
  5. Windows96 - Dated New Aesthetic

but things might change tomorrow. Couple of things I still need to check out, including Marika Hackman and The Smile.


Draft before releases tomorrow

  1. Brown Horse - Reservoir
  2. Marika Hackman - Big Sigh
  3. The Fauns - How Lost
  4. Cowboy Sadness - Selected Jambient Works
  5. Bolts of Melody - Film Noir

None of them come out till tomorrow. Will need a month or so to absorb.

A great start to 2024.

  1. Loula Yorke - Volta
  2. Astrid Sonne - Great Doubt
  3. Donato Dozzy - Magda
  4. Nailah Hunter - Lovegaze
  5. R.A.P. Ferreira & Fumitake Tamura - the First Fist to Make Contact When We Dap

Bubbling under:


The Smile - Wall of Eyes
Alessandro Cortini - Emosfere
Cowboy Sadness - Selected Jambient Works, Vol. 1
Mary Halvorson - Cloudward
Ana Tijoux - Vida
Yussef Dayes - Live from Malibu
Fabiano do Nascimento & Sam Gendel - The Room
Skee Mask - C
Roy Montgomery & Friends - Broken Heart Surgery
Bill Ryder-Jones - Iechyd Da

  1. Hot Garbage
  2. Donato Dozzy
  3. R.A.P. Ferreira
  4. NewDad
  5. Office Dog
also enjoying

Ty Segall
The Smile
Teen Mortgage


I’d completely written off this month and now I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to get my blog in on time.

Life is pain eh?

Slow starting month, but ended quite well.

  1. Cheekface - It’s Sorted
  2. Katy Kirby - Blue Raspberry
  3. Be Safe - Unwell
  4. Bill Ryder-Jones - Iechyd Da
  5. Office Dog - Spiel
  1. The Umbrellas - Fairweather Friend
  2. Marika Hackman - Big Sigh
  3. Brown Horse - Reservoir
  4. glass beach - plastic death
  5. Knoll - As Spoken

Good month!

  1. Bill Ryder-Jones - Iechyd Da
  2. Brown Horse - Reservoir
  3. The Umbrellas - Fairweather Friend
  4. Future Islands - People Who Aren’t There Anymore
  5. Donato Dozzy - Magda
  1. Tapir! - The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain
  2. Yin Yin - Mount Matsu
  3. Cosmic Analogue Ensemble - Les Grandes Vacances
  4. Nicholas Craven & Boldy James- Penalty Of Leadership
  5. Marika Hackman - Big Sigh
  1. R.A.P. Ferreira - the First Fist to Make Contact When We Dap

That is all.

  1. The Smile - Wall of Eyes
  2. Torres - What an enormous room
  3. Kali Uchis - Orquídeas

I’m not ready to vote yet but everyone needs to listen to that SLIFT album, it’s incredible. 8 songs, 79 minutes, and it flies by, with songs constantly shifting and exploding in different directions. There’s so much energy in the instrumentation.


This came out in November. He does have a new one coming out this Friday though.

  1. Olhava - Sacrifice
  2. Malist - Of Scorched Earth
  3. Sgàile - Traverse The Bealach
  4. Noir Donjon - Sortilèges
  5. Qilin - Parasomnia
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I swear I bought it on release day, Jan 3rd this year (on CDr). Was it out digitally beforehand?

Ah ok, maybe the physical version came out this month but digitally it was Nov.

Fair enough. Physical > Digital. Still counts!


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