DiS Users' July 2019 Album Of The Month Results

Heard Sarathy Korwar? I’d not heard of him until a week ago. A very good Indian, rap, hip hop and jazz fusion.

I haven’t, but am definitely going to check it out when I get home - thanks!

That track is worth checking out.

I’ll be changing my choices for AOTM. Sarathy Korwar will either be 1st or 2nd. I’ll see how good live he is tomorrow at Rough Trade East.

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Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving
Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains
Maxo Kream - Brandon Banks
Alexandra - Ecdysis

Some great music on Clark - Kiri Variations too but a bit much filler keeping it out of my top 5.

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  1. Big K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T. IZ HERE
  2. Tycho - Weather
  3. Bobby Krlic - Midsommar OST
  4. Jeromes Dream - LP
  1. Lusine - Retrace
  2. Ada Lea - What We Say in Private
  3. Trash Kit - Horizon
  4. Julius Steinhoff - Forgotten Garden
  5. Hibou - Halve
  1. Proper. - I Spent the Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better
  2. Rich Brian - The Sailor
  3. Lykke Li - still sad still sexy (EP)

Just for transparency (and a thread bump):

Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving is my top pick now. I’ll move my other choices down one.

I’ll count up the scores on Sunday afternoon.

  1. BONES UK - Bones UK
  2. Torche - Admission
  3. Strange Ranger - Remembering the Rockets
  4. Metz - Automat
  5. Blood Orange - Angel’s Pulse

Don’t think anybody else has mentioned my top pick, but it’s an awesome album combining pop, rock and industrial.

  1. Florist - Emily Alone
  2. Bobby Krlic - Midsommar OST
  3. Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains
  4. B Boys - Dudu

Quiet month for me - just the 2 of note that I’ve got into:

  1. Purple Mountains
  2. Florist

|1|Joanna Sternberg - Then I Try Some More|
|2|Florist - Emily Alone|
|3|Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains|
|4|Strange Ranger - Remembering the Rockets|
|5|Jesca Hoop - STONECHILD|
|6|Cool Original - I Never Said I Didn’t Care|
|7|Jordan Moser - Long Night|
|8|Ada Lea - what we say in private|
|9|Penelope Isles - Until The Tide Creeps In|

  1. wreck and reference - absolute still life
  2. joshua sabin - sutati
  3. lusine - retrace
  4. the humble bee and offthesky - all other voices gone, only yours remains
  5. drab majesty - modern mirror

wreck and reference is fucking ~great~

EDIT: dunno why this is a reply to cameron12…

1: Burna Boy - African Giant
2: Young Marco - Bahasa
3: Florist - Emily Alone
4: Oli XL - Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer
5: Maxo Kream - Brandon Banks

Dunno why this came through as a reply. Sorry

it is indeed, just perfectly dripping in dark and slow head nodding melodic beats and reflective grit teeth vocals.

  1. Evan Carson - Ocipinski
  2. Flaming Lips - King’s Head
  3. Cartoon Theory - Yokai Orchestra
  4. Florist - Emily Alone
  5. Torche - Admission
  1. Wear Your Wounds - Rust on the Gates of Heaven
  2. Wreck and Reference - Absolute Still Life
  3. Jesca Hoop - Stonechild
  4. Strange Ranger - Remembering the Rockets
  5. B Boys - Dudu

Unfortunately never got round to listening to Lingua Ignota, Trash Kit, Lachlan Denton or Torche

  1. Florist
  2. Joanna Sternberg
  3. The Flaming Lips