DiS Users' June 2020 Album Of The Month - The Results

Vote for your favourite albums. Make your selections clear please as it makes tallying up the scores easier. If you list a whole bunch of albums without making your selections clear I’ll take the first five mentioned as 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th. No joint positions please. Sorry to be a pedant.

Your album of the month will get five points, 2nd placed album four points, 3rd placed album three points, 4th placed album two points and 5th one point. If you name only one album I’ll give that five points. If you name two albums I’ll score them with five and four points etc. You get the message.

Always a lot of great recommendations from you guys about albums that I’ve missed or overlooked.

My choices:

  1. Run The Jewels - RTJ4
  2. Momma - Two Of Me
  3. City Girls - City On Lock
  4. Braids - Shadow Offering
  5. Coach Party - Party Food EP

Honourable mentions to Jehnny Beth, Drab City and Jockstrap.

I’ve checked out each RTJ album after each has had critical acclaim. The others for some reason just haven’t clicked with me. The new one has. You all probably have heard it too. It’s brilliant and good to have Mavis Staples featuring on a track.

I have to thank @rainforest for bringing the Momma album to my attention. Female fronted woozy indie rock and reminds me of Hospitality in parts. Really enjoyed this.

City Girls are a female rap duo. Hadn’t heard of them before this release. The last few days’ weather has been great and the album has been fun summer music.

Hadn’t heard much of Braids for a few years. Saw them live a few times but that was a long time ago when their debut came out. The new one might be their best and most consistent.

The Coach Party EP is pretty good. A six song EP but they should have omitted the first track from it. It would have been a far stronger release otherwise. Jangley female indie pop. Probably an 7.5/10 for me (as I listen to it without listening to the first song).

I’ll adjust/add to my choices after tomorrow’s releases maybe. Not sure what’s out tomorrow apart from Nadine Shah and Nana Grizol. Loved Nadine Shah’s sets earlier this year at The Moth Club and The Roundhouse. The album could well be a very strong one. The tracks I’ve heard of Nana Grizol are pretty good; kind of a cross between Stephen Malkmus and Okkervil River.

Please forgive any shameless bumps of this thread during the week. I’ll keep this thread open until Sunday 5th July and so you’ll have over a week to listen to tomorrow’s releases before choosing.

Vote now!! (Or later in the week) but make your choices clear please.

I usually do an album of the year from Jan to June from the top 10s of the monthly votes. I’ll do that after counting up June’s votes


1 Armand Hammer - Shrines (hip hop duo of billy woods & elucid )
2 Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour (R&B sisters, kinda sparse production and great vocal melodies)
3 Run the Jewels - RTJ3 (another hip hop duo)
4 Noveller - Arrow (instrumental guitar woman)


Impossible to do this before Haim tomorrow



Very true. I always start this thread a day before Friday’s releases. Nadine Shah’s will be the big album release for me tomorrow.

  1. Phoebe Bridgers
  2. Neil Young
  3. Owen
  4. Noveller
  5. Momma

eather Blether- erland cooper
Eastern medicine western illness - preservation
Inlet - hum

That’s it… Love these 3 loads…

At the moment RTJ are winners and Momma are runners up. Maybe I could close the votes now :thinking:.

I’d be happy with that one-two.

A thousand times ^ - one of the year’s best albums right here!


Hum - Inlet
Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
Owen - The Avalanche
Run the Jewels - RTJ4
Doomshakalaka - Doomshakalaka

This is going to be fucking HARD to decide!!! This month has been insane, so many future classics dropped seemingly from nowhere

Like I had thought I’d given up on HAIM and Jessie Ware for example but here they both dropped their best albums yesterday.

Will think this one over a tad more

1, Bob Dylan
2. Phoebe Bridgers
3. Run The Jewels
4. Daniel Avery
5. Neil Young

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  1. Run The Jewels - RTJ4
  2. SAULT - UNITITLED (Black Is)
  3. Kid Machine - Magico
  4. Bob Dylan - Rough And Rowdy Ways
  5. Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

Still to take in ARCA, Daniel Avery & Haim but, won’t have the time for this list.

  1. Daniel Avery - Love + Light
  2. HAIM - Women in Music Pt iii
  3. Roly Porter - Kistvaen
  4. RTJ 4
  5. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Sideways to New Italy
  1. Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways
  2. Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
  3. RTJ - RTJ 4
  4. Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret
  5. Braids - Shadow Offering

Not counting Neil Young but he’d slot in at 4 if I was.

Jessie takes it. Literally can’t stop dancing. Send help!

Best song called ooh la la on an album released this month:

  • Run the Jewels
  • Jessie Ware

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What a month! Top 3 completely interchangeable and will be right up there at the end of the year:

  1. No Age - Goons Be Gone
  2. HAIM - Women in Music Part III
  3. Run the Jewels - RTJ4
  4. Zoon - Bleached Wavves
  5. Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure?
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Well this month was ludicrous for great new music. Top 5 are all AOTY contenders, another 20 that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Only disappointment for me was still failing to see the appeal in Phoebe Bridgers’ solo work; I loved Boygenius, but despite multiple spins I’m just to getting whatever so many others seem to be from her solo stuff.

  • Run The Jewels - RTJ4
  • Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways
  • Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour
  • Armand Hammer - Shrines
  • Nihiloxica - Kaloli

  • Kate NV - Room for the Moon
  • John Scofield, Bill Stewart & Steve Swallow - Swallow Tales
  • Daniel Avery - Love & Light
  • Alva Noto - Xerrox, Vol. 4
  • Noveller - Arrow
  • Oumou Sangare - Acoustic
  • GoGo Penguin - s/t
  • Neil Young - Homegrown
  • upsammy - Zoom
  • Clap! Clap! - Liquid Portraits
  • Jessie Ware - Weight of the World
  • Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Chicago Waves
  • Norah Jones - Pick Me Up Off The Floor
  • Nadine Shah - Kitchen Sink
  • Bab L’Bluz - Nayda!
  • Marcin Wasilewski Trio - Arctic Riff
  • Mike - Weight of the World
  • Bibio - Sleep On The Wing
  • Arca - KiCk i
  • Kamaniu Selelis - 9

Also loads of great music on Bessie Jones - Get in Union and the Care4Life compilation.

  1. Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret
  2. Kate NV - Room for the Moon
  3. Braids - Shadow Offering
  4. Bibio - Sleep on the Wing
  5. Daniel Avery - Love + Light

Great month!