DiS Users' March 2020 Album Of The Month

1 - Bobby Conn - Recovery
2 - Childish Gambino - 3.15.20
3 - Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela - Rejoice

  1. Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans
  2. Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams - Aporia

Will be checking out the dogleg album thanks to this thread, thanks!

  1. Waxahatchee
  2. Porridge Radio
  3. Sorry
  4. Dogleg
  5. Nicolas Jaar

Brilliant month. Top 2 easily my favourites so far this year.

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Amazing month, again:

1: Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony
2: Porridge Radio - Every Bad
3: Lyra Pramuk - Fountain
4: Childish Gambino - 3.15.20
5: Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud

Also listened to Lil Uzi Vert loads. Still can’t decide if it’s genius or I’ll be sick of it next month, and got Nicolas Jaar on repeat but haven’t quite got my head round it yet.

6 & 7 would have been Nazar, which is stunning but quite hard to listen to often, & CS + Kreme’s ‘Snoopy’ which is really starting to remind me of Massive Attack minus the rappers, and has really crept up on me. They are both excellent records that are worth a cursory listen.

  1. Dua Lipa
  2. Baxter Dury
  3. Waxahatchee
  4. CocoRosie
  5. US Girls

1.Honey Harper
2.Hilary Woods
3.Jonathan Wilson
5.Shabaka and the Ancestors

Super 8 Head Sounds - SUPER 8 [Album] | SUPER 8
Baxter Dury
Stephen Malkmus

Have none of you listened to the new Weeknd album or…?

  1. The Weeknd - After Hours
  2. Waxahatchee - Saint A̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ Cloud
  3. Dogleg - melee
  4. Empty Country - s/t
  5. Supermilk - death is the best thing for you now
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Just found out about Sorry. So good. Would certainly make my top 5.

Yeah, i’d like to amend my list please:

  1. Four tet
  2. Dogleg (it’s great huh)
  3. Sufjan and Lowell
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Cracking month for new music (if nothing else)

  1. Four Tet
  2. Porridge Radio
  3. Baxter Dury
  4. Hilary Woods
  5. Caribou

Also enjoying but need more time with Bow Church, Nicolas Jaar & Waxahatchee

My final choices:

  1. U.S. Girls - Heavy Light
  2. Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud
  3. Porridge Radio - Every Bad
  4. Dana Gavanski - Yesterday Is Gone
  5. Dogleg - Melee

Strongest month this year and perhaps for the last six.

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  1. U.S. Girls - Heavy Light
  2. Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans
  3. JFDR - New Dreams
  4. Dana Gavanski - Yesterday Is Gone
  5. Little Dragon - New Me, Same Us
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Have you checked out Disq? Think you’d be a fan

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  1. R.A.P Ferreira - Purple Moonlight Papers
  2. Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud
  3. Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers
  4. Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans
  5. Nicolas Jaar - Cenizas

What a month

1 - Huntsmen
2 - Colin Phills (More people need to check this out)
3 - bow church
4 - Human Impact
5 - Porridge Radio

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Haven’t heard of them. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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Tried twice, couldn’t get past track 3 either time. So dull but also kinda cringe imo

(have House of Balloons in my 2010s top 100 and am partial to bits of the one with Can’t Feel My Face on it)

You might also like Margaret Glaspy I reckon.

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Don’t think I’ll have enough time to make my mind up on much more than this so

  1. Caroline Rose - Superstar
  2. U.S. Girls - Heavy Light

Both are absolutely fantastic and probably the first two “great” albums I’ve heard so far this year (so I guess this decade too)

Listened to the Dua Lipa, Porridge Radio, Bad Bunny, and Waxahatchee records as well - lots of individual songs to like between them (Dua Lipa especially). but all of them have substantial flaws and in a stronger month (or maybe one where i had as much listening time as usual) they would have likely been honourable mentions, so don’t want to skew the numbers

Thanks again @BMS1 for doing these threads :slight_smile: