🎵 DiS Users’ March & April 2023 Songs of the Month 🎵🗓️

After what I viewed as not a particularly strong start to the year for this idea, I didn’t bother doing a March playlist. I’ll give this one last go, if it isn’t working, I’ll call it.

Post your top 5 tracks released that month and I’ll place your top pick into a playlist which I will share when the thread closes. It’ll run alongside @BMS1 monthly album threads for timeframe reference.

It doesn’t matter if its a single, album track or something off a reissue or compilation tbh. If a song is repeated at number 1, I’ll take the second track on the list.

Previous playlists



Going to suggest now that those keen should just add their March ones here too? Reckon such a strong month would be a tragic oversight if we dont.


Yeah, happy to make a separate playlist of people could post separate lists and make it obvious which is which


My March ones:

  1. Nia Archives - So Tell Me…
  2. Alice Longyu Gao - Let’s Hope Heteros Fail, Learn and Retire
  3. Ireke - Petit à Petit (feat Agnès Hélène)
  4. Sofia Kourtesis - Madres
  5. Lankum - Go Dig A Grave


  1. Robbie & Mona - Sensations
  2. Lana Del Rey - Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd
  3. Eddie Chacon - Comes And Goes
  4. Debbie Friday - I Got It
  5. Depeche Mode - People Are Good
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1 - Nagasaki Swim - American Dipper
2 - Ulrika Spacek - No Design
3 - boygenius - True Blue
4 - Caroline Rose - Miami
5 - H Hawkline - Like You Do



  1. Connections - In Space
  2. Flyying Colours - I Live in a Small Town
  3. Softcult - Someone2Me
  4. Radio Supernova - Neonjuhlissa
  5. The Declining Winter - How to Be Disillusioned

I think.

I’m not 100% there with the album yet but that Connections song is perfect. Jangly, fuzzy, punchy, melancholic.


My March picks:

  1. Slowthai - Yum
  2. Caroline Rose - Love / Lover / Friend
  3. Fever Ray - Shiver
  4. Maruja - Thunder
  5. Black Country, New Road - Turbines / Pigs

Really want to join these discussions/posts but it’s hard enough trying to listen to and decide my fave albums of the month

Just throw some shit out there and then listen to the playlist at the end of the month.

It’d be great if you could contribute as it’s been a bit lukewarm and I’m not really digging these threads and their future tbh

From my top pick of April. Great album.

March at a glance:
Ulrika Spacek – Compact Trauma
Ulrika Spacek – Stuck At The Door
Ulrika Spacek – The Sheer Drop
boygenius – $20

Spotlights – Sunset Burial
Life in Vacuum – Falling
Wednesday – Turkey Vultures
Cassels – About Not Writing
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Submechano



Ohhms - The Mephisto Waltz


The St Pierre Snake Invasion - That There’s Fighting Talk
Sugar Horse - Thrash Music
Brutal Youth - Egg Sucking Dog


Really enjoyed this from March:

Love me some Ratboys, but can’t help feel they’d be more highly acclaimed if they’d picked a more appealing name.

I was banging this track’s drum pretty hard. It’s so good

  1. Mandy Indiana - Peach Fuzz
  2. Two Shell - Bluefairy
  3. Andrea - Ress
  4. Death & Vanilla - Perpetuun Mobile
  5. Wednesday - Bull Believer
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  1. Nuovo Testamento - Heat
  1. Madlib, Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs - One of Them Ones
  1. 100 Gecs - Dumbest Girl Alive
  1. Lonnie Hollie - I Am a Part of the Wonder
  1. Ballaké Sissoko, Vincent Segal, Emile Parisen & Vincent Peirani - Ta Nye

Odda Delf, by a significant margin. Give yourself ten minutes in a quiet room with a pair of headphones and just drift into it. Truly sublime and has me obsessed the way only a couple of tracks a year do. Already a big fan of CV, but this is truly special


March picks

  1. boygenius - Not Strong Enough
  1. Tyler, The Creator - HEAVEN TO ME
  1. Che Noir - Bad Apples
  1. Ulrika Spacek - The Sheer Drop
  1. H. Hawkline - Plastic Man
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United Freedom Collective - Space Intention
Tenhi - Saattue
Febeuder - Dire Science
Caroline Rose - The Doldrums
Katie Gately - Scale

Benedikt - Now That I Know You
The Holy Roman Army - Modern European
Kara Jackson - Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?
Zoon - Awesiinh (a-Way-See)
Spinvis - Portugal

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