DiS Users' May 2019 Album Of The Month

This is all stuff you know word for word I’m sure, not sure why I thought you needed it explained haha. Soz oops

This is obviously right to a degree, but still slightly disappointing given that this is a self-selected jury of people who consider themselves music enthusiasts. Twenty years ago when you basically had to buy records to hear music you would expect people to stick to what they know, These days there’s really no reason not to listen to a variety of music.

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Yeah absolutely - I think part of it is also maybe people comment more on the less obvious releases, which is great as it helps us all discover amazing new music but then I get surprised that i.e. The National gets more votes than Holly Herndon, but of course the fan base isn’t remotely comparable so it’s just me being dumb.

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I think you overlook that some people just don’t want to? I get where you’re coming from, but I do think you hold people to quite high standards in that regard (no bad thing), when even on here for many people (me included usually) a “variety” means new bands but playing the type of music you like or are comfy with. I basically skip over every techno or dance suggestions because very few do much for me. Come the end of the year I end up loving the few most commonly referenced ones because I go back to them. But in a weekly thread, where I have three album by bands I like, 5 by bands that sound similar to ones I like based on user comments, a few that just have a good name etc etc … then I have one week to listen to 10 albums plus spotify playlists plus old favs … the time and energy for music that I might not enjoy so is a bit of a “risk” is greatly diminished.

I know I have that surprise when I see some of the box office numbers for Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea etc. versus some really terrible, no-name throwaway rom com that came from nowhere and made 10 times as much money - so we all have our blindspots!

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Fair enough. To be clear, my argument is not in any way a moral one. There’s nothing morally superior in listening to a variety of music - for me it’s just what keeps me interested. I find myself getting bored if I listen to two or three records in a row that sound similar.

One thing I do think is that when people moan about how there is no good music coming out it is normally because their tastes are too narrow. There are certainly periods when particular genres become a bit fallow, but if you listen to a variety of stuff there is always good music coming out.

I definitely got that and i think anyone that reads your posts would too - you don’t exactly come across as high and mighty don’t worry! Just think you have a lower tolerance for variations on a theme than a lot of DiSers/people

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A mediocre record by a band everyone listens to will always outperform a brilliant record by an artist that isn’t as ubiquitous. That’s just how aggregation works.

I genuinely don’t think people have narrow tastes on here but I bang my head over and over every year making this point in the end of the year threads and I should really give up but hey ho. People on here listen to hip hop, metal, ambient, noise and everything in between but, crucially, also indie/rock. And because the latter is the intersect in our Venn diagram it’ll always get the most votes when you aggregate because that’s how aggregation works. The thing that everyone has in common will always come out on top in this kind of poll no matter how vast the range of other stuff people listen to.

Anyway I should save this for the inevitable hand wringing and fall out from eoty lists in December, don’t know why I’m dragging it out now.

I certainly feel we’ve all had this discussion before…

We really have. I suppose we’ll have it again in pretty much exactly half a year! Hey ho…


Yeah, this Pile album is great. It’s going to take awhile to process the whole thing, but I’m really enjoying how it creeps around and explodes. There are some great twists in there, and now after a few listens the quieter, more melodic parts are starting to reveal themselves too.

I love how this one unfolds: