DiS Users' May 2021 Album Of The Month - THE RESULTS

@sean Are you looking for this thread?


Only just listening to this off the back of a mate and I’m really enjoying it. I totally wasn’t expecting to either.

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Can’t believe you weren’t already listening to it on the back of my recommendation as the 31st best album of May! I haven’t actually listened to it since but I will do soon, revisiting the year month by month at the moment but only got to February so far. It’s been a pretty good year for R&B or maybe I’ve just been feeling it more this year than usual.

There was a remix album out recently which I have been meaning to listen to but not got round to yet.


Yeah I found you putting that up on a recent release when I was searching to see if it had been mentioned.

This feels like filing it under ‘R&B’ is a bit of an injustice but then I don’t really know how I’d file it exactly. All I know is that R&B pop isn’t something I click with really at all and yet…