DiS Users' November 2017 Album Of The Month


•(Haven’t heard anything else this month I don’t think)

Fwiw Converge would have been my top choice any other month too. Proper AOTY material.




@BMS1 can you add Peter Matthew Bauer as my no3 please


No problem. Noted.

  1. Converge - The Dusk In Us
  2. Armand Hammer - Rome
  3. Odonis Odonis - No Pop


Converge - The Dusk In Us
Quicksand - Interiors
Power Animal - Good Wind, Pt. 1

KG&TLW - Polygondwanaland
Chaos Moon - Eschaton Mémoire
Liima - 1982

  1. James Holden and the Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits
  2. Converge - The Dusk in Us
  3. Slow Meadow - Costero


I think this is my strongest month of the year. Finding it very hard to order them all.

  1. Spirit Fest - Spirit Fest
  2. Dillon - Kind
  3. Power Animal - Good Wind Pt. 1
  4. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
  5. Liima - 1982
  6. Baths - Romaplasm

I’ve not even got the Sufjan album yet, but had a quick listen through.
Going through the lists so far, and liking the bits I’ve heard of @old_man_burner 's Slow Meadow suggestion and @weeber’s Michael Head (although this looks like an October release! Judges!)


ARGGGGGH this is hard, so many great albums.

I’m even enjoying the Noel Gallagher album quite a lot.

Converge will be number 1 with a bullet because what an album that is, that’s like serious AOTY material and could end up being one of my favs of the decade. I’ve still got plenty more albums I’m hopeful for as well to listen to before the deadline

  1. Bjork - Utopia
  2. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest


Odonis was last month. Sorry about that!:


  1. Equiknoxx - Colón Man


Oh balls, you’re right - it was October.

  1. Bjork - Utopia
  2. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
  3. Exploded View - Summer Came Early (E.P.)


Okay okay okay think I’ve got it. Turns out Julien Baker and Big K.R.I.T came out the end of October so it made picking 3 a tiny bit easier.

  1. Converge - The Dusk In Us
  2. James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits
  3. Shanon Jones & The Dap Kings - Soul of A Woman

  1. Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy - A Pocked of Wind Resistance
  2. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
  3. Young Lean - Stranger
  4. OCS - Memory of A Cut Off Head
  5. Quicksand - Interiors

Though these might as well be joint 4th and all almost got in the top 3 which is why I felt like including them


Not a whole heap stood out for me this month but will check out some from this thread

1 Peter Matthew Bauer

  1. Björk - Utopia
  2. King Gizzard and the Wizzard Lizard - Polygondwanaland
  3. James Holden, The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits

  1. Two Moons - More Rain

That’s probably it for this month. This EP / short album was a really nice end of the year surprise for me; I had never heard of them before but saw Strange Ranger plugging them and figured I’d give it a shot. If you like the first Yuck album I think you’ll like this, and one song is strangely even kind of Soft Bulletin-esque. There are some really nice melodies on here.

Haven’t gotten to spend enough time with the new Noel Gallagher to form enough of an opinion to vote for it yet. The bonus track “Dead in the Water” is very good though and might be my favorite on the album so far.

I like the Sufjan Stevens one a lot but it feels too much like a compilation and not an album.


I’ll do counting up in the early afternoon in case there are last minute changes or anyone else wants to vote.


1 Converge - The Dusk In Us
2 the Death Of Lovers - The Acrobat
3 Quicksand - Interiors