DiS Users' September 2017 Album Of The Month


I thought I had an answer to this.

And then I heard the new Torres lp.

Back to drawing board.


I THINK I’ve got it!

Susanne Sundfør - Music For People In Trouble
The National - Sleep Well Beast
Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson


1 phoebe bridgers
2 torres
3 the national

That’s it. Done. Certain.


Shilpa Ray - Door girl


Listened to lots of albums this month, but struggling to find three that are worth voting for.


This is the only correct answer to this thread. I saw her live last night. One hell of a voice. Brilliant gig.

  1. protomartyr (think this was september not october)
  2. the national

  1. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
  2. Metz - Strange Peace
  3. Mogwai - Every Country’s Sun


honourable mention to Shrug Life who i forgot about

  1. Mogwai- Every Country’s Sun
  2. Alvvays- Antisocialites
  3. Torres- Three Futures

Also liked he new Godspeed, National and LCD Soundsystem. Less impressed by Metz and The Horrors but only listened once or twice so far.


Cant believe no one is listening to it or at the very least, preferring a bland LCD album…

  1. Mount Kimbie
  2. Mogwai
  3. Bicep

I liked The National, LCD and Wolf Alice albums too but they all have the odd one or two clangers on there


Okay! I’ve decided…

  1. Moses Sumney - Aromanticism

  2. Susanne Sundfor - Music for People in Trouble

  3. Protomartyr - Relatives in Descent

  4. The National - Sleep Well Beast

  5. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

  6. Nick Mulvey - Wake up Now

And I’ve missed quite a few out, too. It seems odd to me that I haven’t got a National album in the top 3, especially one I enjoy more than TWFM, but it’s a ridiculously strong month. I feel confident these are the three albums I’ll appreciate most in years to come.


I’ve not properly listened to Bicep, Susanne Sandfor, nor Torres, and I imagine they could all have slotted into the top half of my list for the month somwhere. I’m only listing all of these as in some other months they could probably have all made a top 3.

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die — Always Foreign
brainwaltzera — Poly-Ana
Protomartyr — Relatives In Descent

Four Tet — New Energy
Moses Sumney — Aromanticism
Mogwai — Every Country’s Sun
Vessels — The Great Distraction
Arcane Roots — Melancholia Hymns
Prawn — Run
The Bronx — V
The National — Sleep Well Beast
LCD Soundsystem — American Dream
Wolf Alice — Visions Of A Life
In Heaven — InHeaven
Sløtface — Try Not to Freak Out


Just listened to Always Foreign, really good, Marine Tigers is a choon.


yeah, I’ve always wanted to like them, but something has always put me off at some point on their previous albums. This one hasn’t got that and I just keep wanting to listen to it again.


good to see Protomartyr has had a positive effect!


Yeah man, in a less strong month it’d probably be my no.1 :slight_smile:


Pretty good month.

  1. Protomartyr - Relatives in Descent
  2. Ninos Du Brasil - Vida Eterna
  3. Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life
  4. Bicep - Bicep
  5. Susanne Sundfør - Music For People In Trouble
  6. Fink - Resurgam
  7. Beaches - Second Of Spring


I’ll do the count up relatively early tomorrow morning, around 11am. I’ve a train to catch and so get your choices/changes in by 11am tomorrow please.