DiS Users' September 2017 Album Of The Month


Yeah it’s one that I don’t think will ever get old. Each song has its own unique character and charm; great as isolated tracks and together as a whole. Quite rare for me to feel that way about an album these days.


If you ignore the indie darlings/bellends Protomartyr win I’ll take that


Have never really bothered listening to Ariel Pink before but Ravenscroft has been playing Time To Live on 6music a lot lately and it’s barely left my head in days. Must give the album a go


Strong month. Any of the top five would have won last month easily.


Yeah definitely! Time To Live is totally infectious but just as a heads up it’s not particularly representative of the rest of the albums sound (Another Weekend & Feels Like Heaven are probably closer to the mark) but like @mouth_breather’s says , the album is quite diverse across it’s fourteen tracks and in relation to the rest of his catalogue, it’s probably his most focussed / fine tuned record yet.


Ah man, not a great list


Changed my mind. Just listened to the Iglooghost album and fairly certain it’ll go down as a classic in the UK Wonk/Glitch Hop scene. Fucking ridiculous the amount of ideas going on and energy on show in this album. Consider this my new number 1


don’t know if I’ve ever heard any Wonk/Glitch Hop before but this is great


So you didn’t put that National album at number two?


Never said I wasn’t an indie bellend, pal


Make it right, listen to Neo Wax Bloom, be cool, I love you xoxox


Feel like Ibeyi have come close to a great album with their last two attempts, but haven’t quite reached their potential yet.


Yep, I tend to agree. Such potential, but I think they need to trust themselves to experiment a little more. At times they perhaps risk veering a little too close to MOR blandness … a bit like Sampha. So, I kind of like them, but feel there is just something missing.


Liked for the Kurt Angle reference (not LCD)!


Well late to the party but for what it’s worth:

  1. Inheaven
  2. Death from Above
  3. Enter Shikari
  4. Slotface
  5. Wolf Alice
  6. Chelsea Wolfe
  7. The Bronx
  8. Metz
  9. Arcane Roots
  10. The Killers

Superb month. Definitely check out Inheaven if you’re a fan of 90’s indie rock.


I will, tyvm.


Just listening to this for the now for the first time! Holy heck this is ace…