DiS Users' Vote For The Albums Of The Year So Far (from the AOTM threads)


S’gid. :+1:

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Laurel Halo’s album came out last month but didn’t make June’s top 10 and so it didn’t make the cut of the top 60. So many great albums not on that list.

Ibibio Sound Machine and Sinkane albums didn’t make the top 10 for their month’s of release either. Blame other DiS-ers (especially Elbow fans).

I don’t think I can manage 10 from the list since I’ve been woefully behind on quite a lot of new music this year but here’s 7

  1. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me
  2. Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now
  3. Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness
  4. Arca - Arca
  5. Mutoid Man - War Moans
  6. Run The Jewels - RTJ3
  7. Blanck Mass - World Eater

Special Mentions go to: Toby Driver - Madonnawhore, Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy, Succumb - Succumb, Sikth - The Future in Whose Eyes, House and Land - House and Land

Seemed to be a bit of an opinion-splitter. Lots of the usual techno-heads (myself included) didn’t get on with it at all.

Man, who’da thunkit?


alright, proper vote:

  1. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press
  2. Part Chimp - IV
  3. Actress - AZD
  4. Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
  5. Run The Jewels - RTJ3
  6. Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound
  7. The XX - I See You
  8. Algiers - The Underside Of Power
  9. Bonobo - Migration
  10. Mac Demarco - This Old Dog

Go on then, i’ve got a seven:

  1. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me
  2. GAS - Narkopop
  3. Forest Swords - Compassion
  4. Slowdive - Slowdive
  5. Lawrence English - Cruel Optimism
  6. Kelly Lee Owen - S/T
  7. Arca - Arca

This doesn’t include favourites like Laurel Halo, Joshua Abrams, Jlin, Mica Levi, Mark Mcguire (Ideas of Beginnings) and Bing & Ruth.

My favourite two are Soulwax and King Gizzard, neither of which are on the list.

Ahm oot.

  1. Post War Glamour Girls – Swan Songs
  2. Sam Airey – In Darkened Rooms
  3. Japandroids – NTTWHOL
  4. Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man
  5. The XX - I See You
  6. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press
  7. Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes
  8. Future Islands - The Far Field
  9. Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound
  10. Spoon - Hot Thoughts
  1. Kelly Lee Owens
  2. Big Thief
  3. Christian Fitness
  4. Jesca Hoop
  5. Mutoid Man
  6. Perfume Genius
  7. Algiers
  8. Idles
  9. Afghan Whigs
  10. Kendrick Lamar
  1. Grandaddy - Last Place
  2. Aldous Harding - Party
  3. Kelly Lee Owen - S/T
  4. Lawrence English - Cruel Optimism
  5. Slowdive - Slowdive
  6. The New Year - Snow
  7. Arca - Arca
  8. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me
  9. Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness
  10. The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody

Order is a little arbitrary tbh. Not sure what my top choice would be if given free rein - maybe Sarah Davachi or even Cold Beat.

Out of that lot:

  1. Los Campesinos! — Sick Scenes
  2. Cloud Nothings — Life without Sound

My favourite outside the eligible nominees is either Underground Lovers’ “Staring at You Staring at Me” or Fazerdaze’s “Morningside”.

  1. Afghan Whigs
  2. Cloud Nothings
  3. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  4. Julie Byrne
  5. Slowdive
  6. Flaming Lips
  7. Thurston Moore
  8. Grandaddy

Really surprised that Priests and Meat Wave aren’t on the list. Those two are basically in a 4-way tie with Afghan Whigs and Cloud Nothings for 1st place, with Meat Wave lately being the front runner. Oh, and At the Drive-In would come in right before or after Julie Byrne on the list. Also The Hand released a short EP Volume 3 and it’s fantastic.

My 6,7, 8 choices I’m not really even thrilled about. All have great moments but there’s either something missing or something I don’t like. The new Wavves album and the New Pornographers album might be in this range too.

A lot of my favourites (Shugo Tokumaru, Julie’s Haircut, Sinkane, Xiu Xiu) didn’t make it. But I’d probably have to go with:

  1. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press
  2. Jens Lekman - Life Will See You Now
  3. Blanck Mass - World Eater
  4. Moon Duo - Occult Architecture
  5. Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now?
  6. Slowdive - S/T
  7. Algiers - The Underside of Power
  8. Aldous Harding - Party
  9. Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
  10. Kelly Lee Owens - S/T

Also, I know it was pretty divisive, but I’m really surprised not to see Father John Misty on here. Probably would have crept on to my list at #9 or #10.

No oxbow

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  1. Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes
  2. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
  3. Sampha - Process
  4. Run The Jewels - RTJ3
  5. Bonobo - Migration
  6. Forest Swords - Compassion
  7. Arca - Arca
  8. Laura Marling - Semper Femina

That’s as far as I can go with the options available. There’s other stuff I like on there, but not really enough to put it in a top 10 list. Worth mentioning I’ve not yet listened to Stormzy, Blanck Mass or Mount Eerie, but will do at some point.

Would’ve liked to vote for Charli XCX and Ibibio Sound Machine and Pumarosa and Wiley, but this board seems to prefer The Flaming Lips in the year 2017. smh

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  1. Big Thief - Capacity
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Anakdota - Overloading
22 - You Are Creating: Limb 1
Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day
Anathema - The Optimist
Bent Knee - Land Animal
Persefone - Aathma
Mew - Visuals
Bubblemath - Edit Peptide
Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Hotel Junk Box
Rachel Flowers - Listen
SikTh - The Future in Whose Eyes?
Ulver - The Assassination of Julius Caesar
Offa Rex - The Queen of Hearts
Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder
Tuxedo - Tuxedo II