🌟 DiS Virtual Office day 2 🌟

Going back to Tinychat cos that other site was a bit like the old DiS boards, ie held together with tape, so YES you have to register, but what office would let you in without a security badge? None, that’s how many. None at all.

We had eight people on at one point yesterday. Eight! The coolest eight imho.

I actually found it very nice to talk to some people.


Nice idea :slight_smile:

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Going out for work today as well but might join at some later point. Great idea.

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Doesn’t seem to like the browsers on my iPad. Downloaded the app and signed up and am in the Dis chat room but have just got the buffering wheel going round and round. Tsk. Pretty sure I have now got the plague so would have been nice to have a chat to take my mind off it.

Oh, that’s a shame - I did see you pop in a few times as well.

Actually you’re there right now.

Might pop on around lunch time

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I’ll be in at about half 3

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I. Know i can see my name on the list but just getting the circle thing that goes round all the time in the middle of the page.

I can’t connect :cry:

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Argh. Really need to find a site that works for everyone…

Are we doing video or just chat? Only this spot on my chin really will steal the limelight

Someone just came in asking for “big boob girl videos” and I don’t have any obvious mod powers so this is all going great.




Lad needs to figure out how google works


I’ll see what I can find

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:grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


How about this

I at least have modpowers here

Top crew on now fyi



doesn’t seem to be working

I can’t anymore. Sorry.