DiS Vs Cardiff City Journalists FC - Saturday 4 Feb/12pm/Market Road


Islington Tennis Centre
Market Road
N7 9PL

So, we’re playing this lovely bunch of lads again. Previous games have resulted in valiant losses for the mighty DiS (4-1 last March, 6-2 in October) so lets restore some goddamn HONOUR.

for clarity, this is at MARKET ROAD. and on SATURDAY. and at MIDDAY.

As always with international friendlies, we’ll have a proper FA referee, so bring your shinpads and practice those throw-ins.

The usual blurb:

  • we play on a full-sized astro-turf pitch
  • changing rooms and toilet facilities situation t.b.c.
  • 5 min walk from Caledonian Road tube station (Piccadilly line)
  • arrive at 11:30 AM for warm-up, tactics discussion, pre-match fags, team pictures, etc.
  • kick-off at 12 PM sharp
  • full 2 x 45 minutes and injury time + 15 min break
  • normal FA rules, but with rolling subs
  • shirt colour RED (official DiS shirts if you have one)
  • final team will be announced on the Thursday before the game
  • 6 pounds per player will be collected on the day
  • post-match analysis in the nearby Hemingford Arms pub

You know the drill by now: sign up below if you want to be considered for selection. Applications from specialists (i.e. goalkeepers) will be viewed favourably.


Let’s get kicked IN the bollocks again.


Can’t go Saturday :disappointed:

Please beat this lot though, that whingy bastard from last time deserves to feel bad.


IN. Will try to avoid maiming Hoogs this time.


Midday on Saturday eh? :thinking:


Think it’s to do with the TV rights in the far east


Out, sorry. Good luck guys!


I’m just thinking about availability.

I think it’s still too early for me, especially for a potentially aggy/fouly game.


How about if we push it back to 3.00pm?


Finishing the first half with a ball to the face & starting the second with a foot to the balls. Oofft


Hi Guys,
I would be up for playing if you need players?


I haven’t figured out why, but Hoogy seems to get hit in the face more than any other player.


What position do you prefer to play?


Midfield but I have played defense too


El, Kev and Browny are IN


badum - tshhhh

I will see - I can’t play 5s this Thursday now as I have a gig, and It’d be nice to have a run out first to see where I am. Can’t wait to get back though.


It was just my way of saying “I’ve missed you”.


James A is IN


you leave royter alone


Anyone else up for this? Could do with a couple more players. Team to be announced later today.