DiS Vs Chinese Community Centre // Sunday 11 June 2017 // 12pm Market Road

Islington Tennis Centre
Market Road
N7 9PL

We’ve not had a friendly in a while have we? Probably should shouldn’t we? Excellent.


  • we play on a full sized astro pitch
  • basic changing facilities available
  • arrive at 11:30 for tactics, gentle encouragement, cigarettes and the novelty of being out of the house quite early for a Sunday
  • shirt colour TBA but history informs me it’s usually blue
  • Final team to be announced the Friday before the game
  • 5 minute walk from Caledonian Road station (picadilly line)
  • normal FA rules but with rolling subs
  • 2 full 45 minute halves x half time
    FA ref so practice your throw-ins (mostly a note to myself)
  • £6 to be collected on the day

Future fixtures

18 June - regular reds Vs blues
23 July - regular reds Vs blues
24 September - regular reds Vs blues

great bunch of lads


Careful now

Oh come on, friends! This is my gf’s birthday so I’m OUT again…

Feels like I haven’t played in ages!


Apparently it will be RED shirts, sorry about that miscommunication up there ∆∆∆

Jem is IN
Dan S is IN
Dan R is IN
James A is IN
Matt W is IN

Was gonna say, CCC have a sky blue kit :slight_smile:

@elthamsmateowen is IN
Jems mate Woodsy is IN
Irish Pete is MAYBE IN

I’m OUT (but you already knew that).

Sean L and myself are both Jeremy CorbYN

LADS (especially @aboynamedgoo)
we fucking won the thing

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Well done, friend

more importantly, Ant, everyone had a very good time (we beat the germans on penalties in the final, would you believe)

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ban request

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Please be kinder


be kinder? nonce!

Any more for any more? We’ve got 11 in so far but some sub options would be excellent, especially if anyone elses fitness is like mine currently​.

Desperately seeking goalkeeper too. What’s Louis @? LOUIS HELP!

I was hoping to be able to make this, but I’ve come down with a cold/chest infection and it hasn’t cleared up.


Ah no. Get better soon!