DiS Vs To Madeira // Sunday 20th August // 12pm


Cure those no August no Reds v Blues blues with a friendly out West.

Game details: Sunday 20th of August - 12 p.m. til 2 p.m. - 12.15 p.m. Kick Off.

Game Venue: White City 3G - Tiger Turf: Address: Burlington Danes Academy, W12 0EA - The Entrance to the pitch is on Du Cane Road and the First Right :slight_smile:

Getting there by Tube: White City (10min walk), East Acton (15min walk), Wood Lane (15min walk)

Please bring all of your skills and also £10 for the pitch


I’m OUT, wedding season unfortunately




Sean L is IN
Owen is IN
Loz is IN
Royter is MAYBE
Dan R is MAYBE




I’m OUT of the country




Bit unreasonable


BUMP (we need some players)


It would be really good if some people agreed to play for us in this football match in my opinion.


Which team are you playing for?


Drowned in Sound FC although part of me wants to do a testimonial style half for each side…


Jamie is IN


Have we got a keeper to agree?

Is Ormsby playing?


To Mad’s manager is very willing to let us borrow their subs if we need to as well btw and then switch around at HT if needed. They’ve currently got 16 so that’s worth bearing in mind.


You can do that, just don’t tell anyone


As damning an indictment of my ability as a footballer as I’m ever likely to read :cry:


Jake M is IN


I’ve gone from a probable to a possible.

(bursitis in my elbow is pretty bad and I can’t afford for it to be knocked. Hopefully it’ll go down by then though)


Hello! Any more? How’s your elbone Marckee?