DiS walks the surrey hills + pub lunch, Saturday 10th March

Sooooo the vote was narrowly won by Box Hill on Sat 10th March

I suggest this itinerary:

  • meet at BH&H train station for 10:30 (london bridge train gets in at 10:21)
  • slow walk up to the visitor’s centre where we can meet anyone who is driving
  • set off for about 11
  • walk about 2-3 hours
  • book a table for pub lunch at 3pm
  • have a nice time

Nearest station is Box Hill + Humble:

Route and details are here:

This is the pub I’d suggest:

  • That all sounds great, I’m IN
  • Can’t believe how bad you’ve messed this up. I’m OUT!!!
  • maybe, dunno, will confirm later

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Original thread here if you’ve no idea what I’m banging on about

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Oh that is a very reasonable timeline! Thought I’d be cutting it a lot more tightly for my gig. I’m definitely IN!

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going to reserve the right to keep drinking into the night and get rat-arsed, obviously

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Gah I’m not in the country. Hope you all have a lovely time! Don’t Dyatlov Pass it will you!

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i’ve really tried but i’ve no idea what’s happening here sorry pal


One for the Scary Door fans.

I’m out (got parents visiting).

you voted for the 10th!

I know. Sorry.

I now have about 2 free weekends until the middle of May. Absolutely fuck my life.

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I’d like to say in. Just got to convince mrS that a 5 hour round drive for a three hour walk is worth it. Might not work…:roll_eyes:

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I’m going away cos it’s my birthday weekend, so will be walking by the sea instead. Have fun lads!!

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I should be up for this.

Its only around a 20 minute drive from mine, but I was thinking about getting a train so I can enjoy a drink, but that’s going to take 1 hour, 27 minutes and 3 trains. Might see if I can get a lift.

i think @he_2 talked about possibly driving up!

great news everyone! @anon29812515 is coming!

Should be fine - just need to make sure I have the decks cleared with the ex and childcare that weekend - will get that sorted asap.

Happy to drive - will be doing so from Watford, but can head into Town / pick up en-route. Equally happy to get the train.

Will confirm early next wek.

Guys, this is a week today :grimacing: how’s everyone feeling about it?

@ynot @anon29812515 @incandenza @cutthelights @he_2 @Slicky @hexagram and etc

Mother’s Day isn’t it, sorry but I have to do Mother’s things with family… can do Easter hols time??

typically on the sunday!

but aye, looking a bit iffy isnt it

I’ll do it. Would absolutely love to tie in a London visit with meeting you fine folk

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