DiS walks the surrey hills + pub lunch, Saturday 10th March


Sooooo the vote was narrowly won by Box Hill on Sat 10th March

I suggest this itinerary:

  • meet at BH&H train station for 10:30 (london bridge train gets in at 10:21)
  • slow walk up to the visitor’s centre where we can meet anyone who is driving
  • set off for about 11
  • walk about 2-3 hours
  • book a table for pub lunch at 3pm
  • have a nice time

Nearest station is Box Hill + Humble:

Route and details are here:

This is the pub I’d suggest:

  • That all sounds great, I’m IN
  • Can’t believe how bad you’ve messed this up. I’m OUT!!!
  • maybe, dunno, will confirm later

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Original thread here if you’ve no idea what I’m banging on about

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Oh that is a very reasonable timeline! Thought I’d be cutting it a lot more tightly for my gig. I’m definitely IN!


going to reserve the right to keep drinking into the night and get rat-arsed, obviously


Gah I’m not in the country. Hope you all have a lovely time! Don’t Dyatlov Pass it will you!


i’ve really tried but i’ve no idea what’s happening here sorry pal



One for the Scary Door fans.


I’m out (got parents visiting).


you voted for the 10th!


I know. Sorry.

I now have about 2 free weekends until the middle of May. Absolutely fuck my life.


I’d like to say in. Just got to convince mrS that a 5 hour round drive for a three hour walk is worth it. Might not work…:roll_eyes:


I’m going away cos it’s my birthday weekend, so will be walking by the sea instead. Have fun lads!!


i work in the daytime but i could come to a nice country pub for drinking after? please please


I should be up for this.

Its only around a 20 minute drive from mine, but I was thinking about getting a train so I can enjoy a drink, but that’s going to take 1 hour, 27 minutes and 3 trains. Might see if I can get a lift.


i think @he_2 talked about possibly driving up!


great news everyone! @Balonz is coming!


Aw I wanna come to this

More hamsterjam meats and fun please


soon it will be SUPER easy for us all to dutch it up via eurostar


although hill walking might be tricky in the netherlands tbf


But we have beautiful beaches?


throw in some bitteballen (sp?) and a silly beer and i am IN.