DiS Wallet Day - What's in your wallet/purse?

What cards have you got, friends? Any photos? Any old receipts or owt? How often do you have a clear out?

  • ATM card.
  • Public Services card. (With a frankly hilarious picture of me.)
  • An Oige members card.
  • Organ Donor card.
  • Dunnes Stores gift card with a balance of €5.00 approx.
  • €60.
  • Various business cards from friends, artists I’m interested in and graphic designers.
  • Cut-out newspaper obituaries of Holger Czukay, Charlie Haden and Walter Becker.
  • Download code for the new Altered Hours compilation.

I clear it out every few months and also desperately need to buy a new wallet.

Current setup:


1x debit card
1x credit card
1x Oyster card
1x Nectar card
1x Nando’s card
1x Man Utd membership/ticket card
1x Virgin gym card
1x organ donor card (cardboard)
1x Labour membership card (cardboard)
1x Vitality health insurance card (cardboard)
1x Network gold card (cardboard)
2x passport photos of myself (to be removed)
1x photo of my beloved old dog (beloved)


Mate of mine ate his GCSE results that had been in his wallet for over a decade recently


So much shit. I rotate between carrying around a fucking huge purse thing which isn’t ideal, or a small fabric thing which holds about 5 cards and change, if needed. Annoying thing about being a lady is no clothes have adequate pockets, so I need somewhere to put change really.

Two old-style pound coins, £1.61 in other change

Full, clean driving licence
Debit card (First Direct)
Credit card (Halifax Clarity, Capital One)
Fat Face gift card (£30 on there I think)
Co-op membership card
NUS card
Nectar card
Boots Advantage card
Waitrose card
Lewisham Library card
City of London library card
Anthony Nolan doner card
Picturehouse membership card (expired some time ago I believe, going to chuck it now, the scumbags)
Various loyalty cards: Nero, Banquet Records, Barbican coffee
2 second class stamps

dog!!! :heart_eyes:


He ate them?

I’m one of those absolute cunners that carries every card he’s ever had in one wallet.
Currently: Debit, Credit
DIY Space membership, Southwark libraries cards, Labour membership, National Insurance, two Oysters, old University library card, drivers license, three expired bank cards, Istanbul tram system card



lots of crotch shots there, Tone


Yeah, he was quite pissed and ate a fair amount of paper that had been in his wallet for ages, GCSE results, old train tickets, all sorts. Was dead funny.

No, they are pictures of my wallet

I x personal visa debit
1 x personal MasterCard
1 x business MasterCard
1 x business amex
A few business cards

ditched my wallet last year to be one of those phone case wankers

  • oyster
  • provisional drivers license
  • 2 x bank cards


Yesssss! Love hearing stories like that. Did a fair bit of that when I was younger to much hilarity among my friends.

You’re not the wallet inspector.

There was a bit on that Educating Greater Manchester on Channel 4 a few weeks ago where some lad ate a fiver in class. Fucking funny stuff.


Hi Ant, it’s funny you should start this thread, as I recently had a big purse clearout and now only carry around the essentials, which are the following:

1x debit card
1x clubcard
1x nectar card
1x labour membership
1x young person’s railcard
1x driving license
1x St John’s ambulance guide to emergency medicine
1x condom
1x organ donor card
varying receipts, some coins,

Random items include an old Paris metro ticket and a business card from Phonox nightclub asking me not to use my phone on the dance floor.

I am happier than ever about the state, size, and order of my purse