DiS Wallet Day - What's in your wallet/purse?

Recently trimmed mine right down:

  • Bus pass
  • Debit Card (First Direct)
  • Credit Card (Sainsbo)
  • Penoid loyalty card
  • EHIC
  • Nationwide card
  • Barclays Premier Banking card
  • ID card for son’s nursery
  • NUS Card
  • Oyster card
  • Driving licence
  • Blood donor card
  • £25 cash
  • Guitar pick
  • Blade (as I live in SE London)…

The fuck is that, friend!?


1x debit card
2x credit cards
drivers licence (never used to bother with this, but a few places seem to have started asking 100% of patrons for ID including old duffers like me)
Nectar card plus sainos gift card
Cinema membership card
work credit card
coffee loyalty card
beer loyalty card
bank notes

This is quite gratuitous

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As ^above…

That looks very handy.


Forgot the following:

1x Provisional driving license (expired)
1x Cineworld Unlimited card (Black)

like the look of that tbh.

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As an aside, I’ve been through airport security about a hundred times with ^that and never been stopped…

2x debit cards
2x credit cards
1x EU health card
1x driving licence

That’s it.

Oyster (and Suica) card live in a separate wallet with train tickets.

Any other membership cards live in a tray at home and are taken out when needed.

Amongst other things, a photo from our wedding day


Talk to me about this tray

which one’s you lol

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Pink jacket

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It’s the bottom half of the plastic box my business cards came in.

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1 x Amex
1x Monzo
1x Debit card
1x Drivers license
1x office door card
1x Oyster
1x Lounge Card
1x Nectar

Too many cards imo

Also 2x paper loyalty cards (coffee, barbers)

On the offchance the wallet inspector does read this thread

  • Debit card (plus two expired ones)
  • Monzo card
  • NI card
  • Gym membership card (for a gym I haven’t visited in 6 years)
  • 3 train tickets (Meadowhall to Sheffield, Sheffield to Bristol, Bristol to London)
  • Videoshop card (still in use)
  • 4 receipts (misc)
  • Driver’s licence
  • Button that fell off a jacket
  • £4.65 in change


No ones actually going to read a list of what’s I’ve got in my wallet so I’m not going to type it, but here’s a picture. I clear out receipts every week when I do my expenses.