DiS Wallet Day - What's in your wallet/purse?

I would have read it. I’m interested to know what happens to your cards in there please?

Everything else:

Photos x7 (need to update these as they’re about a decade or so old)
Train tickets - last Friday and this Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus CC sales voucher
Old Staff ID card now replaced by a card that acts as a security pass as well
Driving Licence paper + card
Stamps 7 x 1st class
Post-it note with product code for replacement wing mirror
Receipts - Byron, Sainsbury’s x 2, John Lewis, Santander, Fisher’s of Hunstanton
£5 note
Giftcards (unspent) - Debenhams £10; Sainsbury’s £10
Cards - Debit card, credit card, Nectar, Tesco Clubcard, English Heritage membership, Nando’s, Zipcar, Seasalt, Boots, Cancer Research UK

I think I need to have a clear-out.

Do all DiSers have their own brand of wallets? @bird

Ok, here goes

Credit card x 2
Debit card
Boots card
Donor card
Driving licence
Odeon unlimited
Business cards (not mine)


  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card hiding a “taxi tenner”
  • Driving License
  • British Cycling License

Ah! That looks a lot bigger in the first picture. I understand now, thank you for the exhaustive list.

was gonna post a picture of my wallet, but then i realised i stuffed socks down my leg and it looked silly.

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How do I not have one my whole wardrobe is from there

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i tried something out but remembered midway through that I wasn’t funny, so gave up on it.

Please continue, I like where this is going

I just need to spend £50 another three times between now and the end of April 2018 and the 20% discount is all mine!

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the moment has passed and I’m back to worrying about the two deliveries I’m expecting, the shower i need and what I’m going to do about lunch.


  • SL travel card
  • Swedish debit card
  • UK debit card
  • Swedish ID card
  • UK driver’s licence
  • Gym card
  • 200 kronor

I am rocking one of these, I think someone mentioned it in a really old DiS thread and I liked it!

They have a sale on at the moment, FYI! (I was just trying to find the dress I bought for Mrs CCB)

That little notch is a great idea!

They’ve just opened a store in Oxford which is quite exciting / terrifying for my bank balance. What’s the dress like?

It’s this sort of colour / shape:


But with assorted polka dots on it and without the cord

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love seasalt

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