DiS.... WHAT BARRR is Smee


I’m going to go with a Cadbury Teaser


Cadbury Smeeser?


Malsmeeser bar


Fruit & Nut


I was wearing my “WHAT BARR?” shirt in Norwich on Sunday and some guy finally shouted this at me, actually made my day :smiley:


(although I was initially a bit confused as to why he was calling me Steve)


Well @Yesiamaduck, looking at his profile pic, @Smee is dressed all in white today, with a darker stripe from his banjo strap, so he is a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar.

(I wager only about 10 people here understand that reference, yet it still works so well for a thread.)


OOOO very good colinzeal


smeex spoiler[/spoiler]


VERY NICE @colinzealuk (why aren’t you in the wrasslin thread more?)


Because I haven’t watched anything except OSW in about 3 or 4 years.


Can of coke for that man


we do talk about OSW in there occasionally too though. See the new TNA episode last week?


I saw it’s up - will probably watch it at some point in the next month… I do keep an eye on the wrassling thread, just don’t often have much to contribute :slight_smile:


I cant wait for Black Reign to appear in the Black Reign arc


next episode!!!


I know! I saw the facebook post and ‘marked’ out


although actually, I think they’re planning Summerslam so that might come first? anyway, next one in the arc


Fuck off mates. If you’re gonna have a thread about me (that I don’t understand) at least don’t talk about fucking wrestling in it.


the whole concept is from a wrestling video podcast I’m afraid so shrugs