DiS.... WHAT BARRR is Smee

Oh right. I assumed it was some kind of Scottish thing due to Barr being the makers of Irn Bru.

the guys who make it are from Dublin, so it’s largely just to do with how they pronounce it, although BARR products have come up. Essentially the game is to ask what confectionary, soft drink or occasionally pack of cigarettes a wrestler’s outfit is similar to. Also for reference here’s the shirt I was talking about:

it’s very niche and nerdy but I LOVE it and probably could be applied to DiS avatars if we’re willing to give it a shot

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so, for instance:

this was meant to be @1101010

No wucks, I got it :slight_smile:

Cheers for the explanation.

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Theo is a Mars bar

or a can of coke zero

Whatevs, you can still fuck off


Theo’s sporting a nifty HAL-esque red and black robot image, making him a Liquorice Catherine Wheel.


Just a bit of fun babes x

@anon76851889 WHAT BARRRR is @plasticniki

I’m looking forward to getting back to my laptop for this one.

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Same same honey bunny

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Weeeeelllll @Yesiamaduck, @plasticniki’s avatar is monochrome design, with a classic swoosh across the middle, which makes her a limited edition packet of skittles, designed for Pride 2017.

However, that’s not what you really wanted, what you were after was What Barrrrr is @plasticniki when she’s in her Penge cycling kit.

As you can see, it’s a classic Green/White/Redish combo with clear defined lines, so after toying with various options such as Melon and Cherry nerds (no white), Refreshers (too much yellow) and Limited Edition Holiday Mint M&Ms (green too dominant on the packaging), it was clear to me that @plasticniki is in fact…

A Christmas candy cane.


Phil, are you quite well?

I’m good thanks :slight_smile:

outstanding. a nice colourful one for you now…

STEVE!!! what barr is @anon5266188?

Words fucking fail me, quite frankly.

Apart from being a disappointing faux 1970s Steam Trading Card image with a diagonal stripe?

He’s a disappointing 1970s Peanut Treets wrapper with a diagonal stripe. (Sorry Ant!)


Very nice! another can of coke to you my man

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