DiS World Cup Groundhop?

Probably sink like a stone this one as most of us quickly forget our morals and get lulled in by the football, but sensing a lot of reticence about the ol’ Jules Rimet as it gets nearer and more and more dubious shite seaps out.

Decided I’m going to try and get a few new grounds in during the tournament to keep me occupied. Had an idea of some sort of communal month-long groundhop challenge. Anyone interested? Not wanting to stand on the toes of pervo’s ongoing groundhop thread…

Think we could do, what, fifty grounds between us between us before the final on the 18th of December? Wait…where are you going…?

Been having a look at fixtures local to me. Think I could realistically do most of these…

  • 22nd Nov - Irlam v Bury AFC
  • 26th Nov - Ramsbottom v Runcorn
  • 3rd Dec - Rochdale v Harrogate
  • 5th Dec - Stockport Town v Brocton
  • 6th Dec - Curzon Ashton v Darlington
  • 9th Dec - West Didsbury v Ashton Athletic*
  • 10th Dec - Mossley v Witton
  • 11th Dec - Oldham v Torquay
  • 13th Dec - Bury AFC v Charnock Richard
  • 17th Dec - Preston v QPR

My plan was Alvechurch on Tuesday, Solihull on the 3rd and Redditch on the 10th.

Alvechurch game is off on Tuesday but they’re at home on the 6th so, depending on how early I’m working on the 7th, I’ll try and get to that. Might go over to Stourbridge instead on [this] Tuesday but the train times are shit heading back.