DiS Writes A Story

Write a sentence. Someone else writes the next sentence. And so on and so forth

I’ll kick things off

Viv flicked their torch on as they stepped through the door.

The end.


was a long way off.


Viv flicked their torch on as they stepped through the door.
The end was a long way off.
If they just made it through the haunted mansion, everything would change.

Brian turned sharply, spooked by the shadow of a bronzed emu stood glaring over Viv’s left shoulder.

‘There’s a bronzed emu just over your shoulder, Viz’ said Brian.

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“So there is, a bronzed emu.” said Viz

“Come on Viz for fuck’s sake, we have to carry on,” Viv said to their twin brother, yanking his arm as they carried on past Brian down the corridor.

‘Hey! Not so fast!’ bellows a voice from along the corridor.

Brian turned sharply, spooked by the voice bellowing ‘Hey! Not so fast!’ from along the corridor.

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He was now spooked even further, because as he spun around… There was nobody there.

“This is really starting to rustle my jimmies,” said Brian.

As his jimmies rustled gracefully.


‘Wow Brian, your jimmies!’ gasped Viz ‘they rustle so… so gracefully.’

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Most gradceful yet! confirmed Viv. What’s your secret? Did you condition them?

Brian paused, before answering slowly. “I use head and shoulders”, he said with a swish of his mane

Before Viv and Viz could ask more questions about Brian’s jimmies, the wall at the end of the corridor exploded in a flurry of splintered wood.

Brian, still riding the high from all the attention his jimmies had been getting, stood nonplussed, until he noticed a splinter had blasted straight at the emu and was lodged in its neck. But how can wood pierce bronze? he puzzled