DiS writing style


Who do you think you could see a post by, and know who it was written by without seeing their name?

I’d know an @Antpocalypsenow, @Epimer and @Witches post a mile off.

All compliments. Love you guys :heart_eyes:


@aboynamedgoo , obviously


Think it’d be mainly be Ant for me too, friend.


Thanks, friend! This is exactly the correct response to this thread, and I thank you for your excellent contribution to the forum today.

For example. I can’t do it justice, Ant is excellent.




@pickledoeuf / @UnicornPorn

It’s alwysa esay to spot one of tehm


Aww, this sort of style also reminds me of dukebox :pensive:


can spot an @andyvine post a mile off


also @captainricebox


Usually just go by the little pictures actually.


stalin did nothing wrong.


rambling, bit sweary, plenty of colloquialisms. i have a style guide




God, I’m fucking unbearable aren’t I. Sorry everyone.


Kik has a very identifiable way with words




Exactly the opposite. Never change.


Not at all. You’re a genuinely nice person who inproves this forum. You support Manchester United, but we all have our flaws.


Shucks you guys, thanks <3 That looks like I was fishing for compliments now though you complete bastards


Superb fishing.

And no, your posts make me happy. Even if – as ynot says – you are the scum of the earth*.

*also a joke