DiS Zoom Meat II: The Zoomening

I’m a shite and feeling antisocial so not sure I will dial in. But will my room still work???

Maoam didn’t show up last night and we all still got in, just kept getting booted but that wasn’t so bad.

Honey and I will pop in briefly

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I’m getting a “Please wait for the host to start this meeting” thing but I’m doing it through the web app and I’m not logged in.

Gonna join once the kids are in bed but you’ll be watching me cook dinner and get drunk :cocktail:

won’t be for an hour or so though I reckon

same. think it’s because it doesn’t start til 8

Party don’t start till tilty walks in

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we’re all here having a party and epimer has got his gold bog out

Honey and I are on our way

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Told you I would.

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Where’s the link?

holler @fappable @barleysugar we miss you

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That was well timed

and that’s yer 40 mins

pulled the plug just in time before eps got the bass out


I’m needed on another call so unfortunately I won’t be around to hear @epimer take us all up to level 42


Might go in but be purely text based :smirk:


I’ve had to remove myself from the witauryion due to wine

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time out

I made a Joey Essex joke so bad it broke the internet


i thought it was just me listing essex tourist attractions was so dull it pulled the plug

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