Disapoointing lack of half price Easter Eggs this year

Only seen Aldi selling their own and Morrisons doing little creme eggs for 40p. Wheres all the big lads


Poo in ting. This summer’s hottest cocktail

You alright mate?


I’m a bit tired and I’ve not even had my coffee yet. but it’s Friday so can’t complain!

Fucking loads in Tescos. All Caramilk (good) and Reeses (bad) though. Loads of creme egg dairy milk and malteser bunnies and that too.

Loads left in Sainsbo’s but don’t seem to have been reduced that much.

Lindt Gold Bunnies still £3.something
Cadbury Easter eggs still £2.50

ahh there’s no Tescos near me. fucking hell

ahh theres only a sainsburys local near me. fucking hell

Got a load of individual malteaser bunnies (orange and regular) for 27p each the other day.