Disappointing Albums 2019

Have we had this thread yet? Always good to see what people didn’t enjoy or felt underwhelmed by, and to get a good irking when people nominate your contenders for album of the year. Here’s 2018’s, just retrospectively got annoyed by all the hate for Mitski - Most Disappointing albums of 2018

Only one place to start for me - The National. I’ll go into bat for any of their last few albums which certainly aren’t universally popular, but on this one it feels like they took all the (incorrect) cliches I’ve been defending them against from people for the last 15 years, and wrapped them into this absolute turkey of an album. Didn’t feel like the female vocals added much and sadly it seems like Matt Berninger’s lyrics are starting to become a parody of themselves. And to round it all off, far too long and quite difficult to get to the end of without dropping off. They played a five minute walk from where I live and I didn’t bother going, which would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago.

There’s mine, now your turn.


I like it but this is the first time a new 65daysofstatic has not been one of my faves of the year.


The National.

Edit. Have now read your post. Yes.


Tropical Fuck Storm’s LP didn’t measure up to the first album for me. Thought FKA twigs’ album was quite poor. Tool was Tool.

Genuinely keep forgetting they put something out

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Don’t know if I’ve grown out of them or if it’s just not very good but I only got through the new Tool album once.

Still Mitski and Julia Holter from last year.

National was shite but I expected it to be.

The National and Deerhunter for me.

sleater-kinney was my most disappointing.


Ah yeah. Forgot about this too!


All Mirrors by Angel Olsen.


Desperate Journalist and Blood Orange were a bit of an anticlimax for me

Metronomy was not good

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Not sure if Kanye

Doesn’t exist


Hasn’t released anything since 2016 m9.

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tenor (7)

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It’s not great, but isn’t bad either. Just fine really

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