Disappointing Albums 2019

Never been much of a National fan but agree this recent album was terrible.

Repeated listens and I’m still not getting much from Weyes Blood or Angel Olsen’s albums this year despite the critical acclaim. Neither album holds a candle to Aldous Harding’s Designer in my view.

Beck. Just so dull, can’t make it through the whole album (I actually ended up really liking Colors as well but can’t see me persisting with this).

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Was desperate journalist this year? Think the first 3-4 songs were great but definitely tails off.

oh if we’re talking these types of albums then I’d add Thee Oh Sees, Jay Som and Alcest to my list

(in Jay Som’s case it was a lovely album but it’s because her first album is in my all time top 5 so nothing was ever going to come close)

Was thinking about ^this the other day - the year of wreckage stuff they’ve put out over the past half year has been super interesting. Listened to that way more times than the actual album - the album bizarrely feels more like the side project…


Hardly heard any good music this year. Last year was a stormer for me personally.

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I don’t think I’ve listened to it the full way through once since buying it. Some good stuff one there but it meanders and her voice is utterly swamped by the overbearing strings.

Yeah, released back in Feb apparently

Still shrugging my shoulders at all but one track on the last Big Thief. The cringey gushing reviews prior to release definitely set my expectations too high, but I can’t say it’s clicked with me since either.


Poor @Severed799

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The Twilight Sad, (twilight) sadly


Ha! Don’t make me feel bad. There was a lot of positive stuff floating about before release, so obviously my problem rather than anyone else’s.

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Metronomy although maybe it might be most frustrating because I am convinced there is a good album knocking around there.

Foals part 2 probably that shouldn’t have been made.

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Thought the pre album releases from the hold steady were encouraging but the album was a bit shite

Yep, I think there are some really good songs on there but for me it is impossible to get into because to my ears it sounds so, so bad.

Dedicated is pretty disappointing compared to Emotion (and the B-Sides)

Big thief and FKA twigs were not good to my ears, can’t understand the hype for either.

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im also really anti-trap production now, sooner it dies the better

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Some of these are decent enough, some are utter dross. All didn’t live up to my expectations

Adia Victoria
Chris Cohen
Fontaines D.C.
Christian Fitness
Russian Circles
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Refused managed to surpass my expectations, but that’s only because they were extremely low