Disappointing conversations with musicians


This is such a weird thing to do to someone…


You sound like a lot of fun.


Yeah, you’re right. You really stuck it to that cunt whose music you love.


Haha get a fucking grip, like. My delivery was purely comedic and, like I said, I walked it back right away and made it clear I was joking.


Hi Paul!


Hi, spirit of jazz


Lets get this thread back on track shall we.

Luke Jackson of the Sleepy Jackson was lurking in Cardiff Uni great hall after their set (think it might have been a NME tour) so me and my mate go up and say hello and ask him if he wants a drink, yes please he says double JD and coke. Ohh ok, not cheap but a great set so I’ll buy him that. Hand him the drink and he say thanks and walks straight off to talk to some lovely looking young ladies across the hall. Well played Luke.


David Gedge, The Wedding Present. I’ve loved this band since I was 15, I’m now 43 so meeting him a couple of years back was massive. I completely clammed up, said something like,
“you’ve played Cardiff twice in the last three years haven’t you”
“Um yes we have”
“Can I have a photo with you please?”
“of course”
“no problem”


I once answered the phone to Morrissey when I was working at a charity for a summer job. After a brief stumble I asked him who he wanted to speak to and put him through.




I was surprised he didn’t mention it in his autobiography


poor old Grammatics. they were one of my all time favourite bands. i guess they did call their final release ‘KRUPT’ so you could tell they were pretty negative about the entire thing by that point. wish Owen had kept up the music, I was supposed to see Dept M twice and both times they cancelled and then just gave up seemingly.

just bunged the Grammatics album on and it’s still bloody brilliant.


Years ago my mate Darren told me he was mates with the drummer from Hundred Reasons. I then met the drummer from Hundred Reasons in Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre and thought i’d impress my mates by talking to him

‘Do you know my mate Darren Stott?’
‘OK Cheers’


What an amazing thing to lie about :joy:


That’s not even the most extraordinary thing about the story- surely it’s trumped by being able to recognise the drummer from Hundred Reasons when encountering him at Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre. I’m not sure I’d recognise him if he was sitting behind a drum kit with ‘Hundred Reasons’ written on the bass drum.


Ha they were supporting Ash at a gig there. I didnt have a casual chat while we were waiting for the wave machine to start