Disappointing recorded versions

You heard it live, or acoustic, or whatever, then the album came out and it was a bit rubbish.

Remember seeing this James Vincent McMorrow track on telly, acoustic, and thinking it was really nice:

Then the album came out and they added a band and washed it down and it sucked.

Any other examples?

Yeah I saw him supporting Kyp Malone acoustically in like 2009 and quite liked him but I’ve never got into any of his albums

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I don’t mind it now but at the time…


Was very hyped for Foals releasing Antidotes. Dunno whether it was my expectation but the album seemed a little flat in comparison to the lives shows. I like some of their later records but still don’t think they’ve ever quite captured their live energy.


This song on the last Villagers album.

Saw them debut a few new songs supporting The National in Dublin a few months before the album came out. This one was the highlight, built up to a great big climax, was surely gonna be the album centrepiece

Turned out to be a bit of a damp squib that doesn’t build anywhere and just ends

Would have been quite fun to hear it live after hearing the studio version but the other way round was not good.


First heard this live recording of Nowhere on the live at Brixton 1992 video

hearing the original recording afterwards was a little disappointing

I like the album version and I think I get why they did it that way but lord there are so many great versions of Videotape out there. The lead up to In Rainbows was me at my most Radiohead fanboy, was always on Atease hunting down live versions of new songs. The full band basement version is great too.


Plus the majority of the AGenuineFreakshow album. Really good, post-rocky vibe live, album was well disappointing. Chopped 3/4 the above song off for the album (10min live version below)

Remember seeing Mogwai play My Father My King a few times, culminating in them levelling the other tent at Reading with the sheer power and volume and absolutely loving it. Picked up the 12" when it came out and it was so disappointing. Not really their or steve albinis fault (although i reckon maybe someone else would have been more suitable for this track) to be fair as it was always going to be hard to capture how monstrous it sounded live.

(The set at Reading was incredible also. Played a massive version of that and squeezed in fear satan and helicon 1, ithaca and more)

(not gonna do it justice of course :smiley: )


The soundtrack of Six. The live version had the most incredible vocals I’ve ever heard and was amazing, but the album felt really flat. I was so disappointed

there’s probably a bunch of GBV that would qualify given how lo-fi the recordings are, but usually both versions are valid - live rocker vs. album fuzzy pop gems

Large-Hearted Boy though … the album recording just sounds all echoey and hollow (and Bob is singing pretty off-key even), but live it’s so fun and just rips

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Remember being absolutely blown away by this in the lead up to High Violet

Only for the (original) album version being quite lacking

Only to find there was a more lively “alternate” version more in love with that initial TV performance

Tend to stick to that version now when I listen to the album


loved seeing Nadine Shah recently, but a bunch of her album versions of tracks don’t hit nearly as hard or go nearly as loud (especially Trad), which is a shame. Not disappointing as such, I just like the more post-punk version of her stuff

The National are devils for this. The live version of I Should Live In Salt live is absolutely FANTASTIC. As much as I enjoy Rylan, the live version is a lot better than their recorded one. The recorded stuff tends to have lots of layers but aren’t very bombastic, whereas live, that’s a different story.

Recently, Foxing released a song that’s been a live staple of theirs called Beacons. Live it’s like this -

On record it is weirdly muffled and they changed all the lyrics to make it more universally appealing.

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The National - Graceless

That BBC version rips, the album version just falls a little flat

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Haim studio version of Right Now was nowhere near as good as the first live version they put out:

Back in the noughties I bought ray lamontaigns album off the back of a really good jools Holland performance. That was probably my bad though.


Every time.

Good band!

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The fucking speed and bounce on this :heart_eyes:

The lurchy bollocks that was recorded