Disc Golf Info

Dont think it is very much talked about, In the Uk they have Activity Centres and one has more Frisbe than Disc, but its a start.
Manchester has a good one…

and a link…


Has my secret santa recipient used theres yet??

sometimes when i’m playing tennis a disc golf disc lands on the court and we’re not allowed to touch it cos it’s against the disc golf rules


@DiWil ever played bluebell woods? was there on saturday for the first time in a while, highest rated course in the UK :sunglasses:

sometimes when people are walking past they pick up your frisbee and throw it back to you thinking they’re being helpful

also dogs like to steal them


No it’s too far…silly :innocent:.even If I swim over, I will be then too worn out…I am one of the more mature Students here… :zipper_mouth_face:

I have a friend in Chicago that I chat with most days…He got me looking at it as he is into that in a big way.
We meet because he was in a band and gave me a few pointers about my rubbish standard of guitar playing…Love to have a go as always loved sports…would start just up from freebee on the beach level…

Course I still play in the Woods…normal behaviour for a country bumpkin…joking, I just walk in the Woodlands now…
And now my Lunch is being served…waving…

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Theres no courses anywhere near leeds

ah sorry! from your OP i thought you were manchester based

is disc golf gaining popularity in france then? it’s starting to catch on up here, but i still think 99% of people have never heard of it

looks like doncaster is nearest? but there are 9 hole courses in harrogate and huddersfield.

has a pretty solid map of courses if anyone is interested

Ahh yeah it’s great. Played a few rounds at Quarry Park near Cov which was a lot of fun. Really worth a visit. Upsetting when it goes in the river but fun trying to retrieve it if it’s a good disc! Don’t want to lose your driver down with a wild wang down the back fairway.

The sound as it hits the chainmail is so satisfying. Up there with the swoosh of nothing but net.

I can’t find any info on that Thorne one

It looks like a standard golf course

ha! maybe :upside_down_face:

remember everyone up here was getting excited about a new course opening near glasgow that no one had heard anything about when someone spotted it on udisc. turned out it was just a normal golf course that someone had added. no idea how that happens.

The Huddersfield one is 3 holes :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Did maybe four holes in Longford Park once before my friend’s child started getting too distracted by trees and mud. I was rubbish but quite enjoyed it.

Spotted a new “footgolf” centre near to where I live. Is this a new trend? Have heard of disc golf before but not this

Beating the very,very smug and very,very competitive dad of my Daughters friend at Longford still makes me smile when I think about it…. First time I’d ever played it too!!!

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