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National Tour Disc golf Autrans - YouTubeemphasised text

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Been a thing for about ten years but no idea if it’s had a recent rise in popularity. Seems like it would be quite good fun though.

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Disc Golf Inferno


The Largest…

This is over 10 years established now…

to this… my friend in Chicago converted this…fan tas ic a

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Think I saw one of those cage net things behind the Co-op on Arran. Had no idea what it was at the time, other than being ‘a game thing’.

Any chance of a confirmation from @Ella_Megablast (have I remembered/summoned the right person, there)?

i don’t live on arran but can confirm there is a DG course there

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you have summoned the correct person, but i cannot confirm nor deny the presence of a disc golf net behind the Co-op. but as @japes says, there is a course in the same village



(Burn baby burn) Disc Golf Info

^ just thought of that

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Let’s not fight.


The dktr wants a word.

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Let’s fight.

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Can’t believe I’ve done this


I enjoyed it both times, fwiw

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It’s a good sport and brings people together, my mate says that in Stateside his club are like family…share not just the sport…love that…
today I learnt he had been in many bands and his guitar playing is way up high standards. He does heavy rock to smooth…hey what a guy…