Disc scratch remover


No, don’t close the thread, wait!
Yes, some people still have cds.
Anyone got any experience of things good for removing minor/medium scratches on cds?
The options seem to be some sort of industrial level cleaning machine for £1k+ ,some solution that is basically water that doesn’t do anything, or rubbing toothpaste or something that won’t work.
Any good, cheapish machines out there that anyone has used? JFJ easy pro looks alright, but seems to be only in America…


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See if anywhere in your area provides a disc cleaning service?


Give em all to chazza




Gonna be selling quite large volumes, so wouldn’t be cost effective


Seem to recall some kind of fine Emery paper that was sold to let you smooth out the scratches but I’m not sure.

Are they fucking up your rips because I’ve usually found CDRs in computers have a much better error correction.


Not ripping any and the scratches don’t interfere with playability. It’s more aesthetically they look a bit beat up. I have a few that have clearly been pro cleaned and look great. Want to sell a load and not worry about people being all ‘this was supposed to be good condition’ etc. Want to be able to stick in a machine and sort, but looks like it might be expensive to do


I think there’s something you can use like T cut which will take a thin layer off of the disc to fill the scratch. Think it might be actual car polish tbh but I’m a bit pissed r.n.

Will have a look in the morning.


Fair dos. Yeah not sure how to get around the playability vs all the scratches thing on resale


Unless you have particularly valuable ones then just be honest about condition

Surely people will be paying pence for them?


Am not selling music cds. Just thought I’d ask on the music forum as someone must have a system, whether it be a 2k jobby, or some car wax and emery paper


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Then I have misunderstood the thread.

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Am selling computer games. PS1 and the like. Same principle in that I need something that will clean them, even just superficial scratches, so instead of selling as Acceptable or used condition, I can sell as very good etc.
If it was music cds for pence, yeah, who cares, but lots will be £25ish etc, so want them gleaming


Well get the most valuable ones cleaned at GAME.

3 discs for £5
If the amount of profit from this is < than this cost then don’t do it

You can’t really do it at home really because they actually buffer away layers of the disc and if you do it yourself or with cheap equipment you might end up wrecking the disc by removing data. There is no cream that’ll fill and retain a perfectly clear and reflective surface for gouges in material.


Toothpaste will get rid of cosmetic scuffs and what not but anything deeper will stay.